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Fashion What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape

What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape

What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape
By Mary Losmithgul
May 29, 2018
Thailand Tatler’s definitive guide to shopping the right sunnies, based on your face!

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Here’s one accessory that’s always handy in BKK—eyewear. Known for being a city of endless summer, Bangkok provides ample opportunity to pop out your shades and flaunt your eyewear game. However, as such an outfit staple, it can be difficult to find the pair that perfectly complements your face. Of course, an important factor in choosing the right sunglasses is your face shape. So here's a quick 101 on how to pick the right frame for your face, complete with suggested designer eyewear:

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 Oval Face: Gently-rounded square frames.

oval face square.jpg


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Oval faces are generally highly versatile and can look great in almost any frame, mainly due to high cheek bones and balanced proportions. On the one hand, you have a plethora of options in front of you—on the other, it also makes it very difficult to pick. If you’re looking for the ideal frame, opt for square frames that are gently rounded around the edges. These frames will bring out the natural balance of your face.

#TatlerPick for oval shape: Felicia from Mykita

mykita felicia square.jpg

Image: Courtesy of

Round Face: Wide, rectangular frames. 

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Round faces are soft and circular, characterised by full cheekbones, similar proportions in length and width and a chin with few to no angles. As the round face shape is all about curves, the key to keep in mind when choosing glasses for the round face is to pick frames that will add angles and dimension. Wide, rectangular frames will add sharper and more distinct lines to your face, creating a nice balance. If you aren’t a fan of rectangular frames, you can also minimise curves by opting for frames that come with a double brow or higher arms.

#TatlerPick for round face: Aviator from Ray Ban

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Square Face: Round, curvy frames.

squared face round.JPG

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At times of uncertainty, remember that opposites attract. Square faces are very angular, with a strong horizontal jaw line, proportional width and length and squared chin. To complement this face shape, opt for round frames—these soft, curvy forms will soften the sharpness of your face, balance out the angles and also make your face seem longer. Try to avoid square-framed sunnies, as those will accentuate your angular face shape.

#TatlerPick for square faces: Jasmine from Maui Jim

jasmine maui.jpgImage: Courtesy of

Heart Face: Sleek cat-eye frames, or rimless!

heart face cat.jpg

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One of the most unique yet incredibly charming face shapes, the heart-shaped face is defined by a slightly narrow forehead and prominent cheekbones that gradually narrow down into a charismatically pointy chin. With heart-shaped faces, the forehead and chin are generally smaller, most of the focus being on the cheeks. The ideal sunglasses that will bring out the best for this face are cat-eye frames. These will help to accentuate the top half of your face, balancing out your features to add visual appeal. If the feline or butterfly-wing silhouette isn't for you, rimless shades will help your cheekbones appear more prominent, complementing nicely with a heart-shaped face.

#TatlerPick for heart face: French Kiss from Quay

french kiss quay.jpgImage: Courtesy of

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