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BeautyWhat's Inside Perfumer Henry Jacques First Boutique In Asia?

What's Inside Perfumer Henry Jacques First Boutique In Asia?

What's Inside Perfumer Henry Jacques First Boutique In Asia?
By Indonesia Tatler
September 16, 2018
Parfums Henry Jacques opens its first boutique in Asia.

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The subtle art of perfume-wearing is seeing a revival in the grandest of ways. Leading the charge is a French perfumery that has recently emerged from the shadows, having previously only served royalty and members of elite families. For decades, Parfums Henry Jacques has been known only to a discerning few, working discreetly to create bespoke scents unique to each client. After years of preaparation, the perfumery finally decide to open its doors for the world. And now, for the very first time, the masterpieces of Henry Jacques are going to be available in Asia.

Henry Jacques Cremona set up his perfume house in 1975. An avid traveller with an obsession the world in search of the best ingredients. A chance encounter with one of the last legends of the French perfume tradition ignited his spark for scents. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the Parfums Henry Jacques laboratory stands on the outskirts of Grasse, the hub of French haute perfumery since the 17th century. It is within these walls that nearly half a century of dreams, creativity, and know-how come together to create perfumes that will linger in memories long after leaving the olfactory system.

It is only fitting that perfumes of such fine craftsmanship be housed in the most exquisite, custom-designed boutiques. So, for its first standalone boutique in Asia, Parfums Henry Jacques has chosen the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.


Christope Tollemer, the Maison's artistic director, has constructed a space in which customers will get to experience in which customers will get to experience the full extent of the brand's identity, from its French heritage to the wonderful scents that lie in each marvellous crystal bottle. Tollemer explained that the boutique was conceived and assembled in France then vacuum-packed and reassembled in Singapore. The arduous process was part of guaranteeing an uncompromised level of French craftsmanship. "Like our perfume, each component is of rare quality." said Tollomer.

The mains tructure of the boutique is made of solid oak, with hand-sculpted basswood mouldings and finished with gildings. French master painter Louis-Daniel Jouve adorned the ceiling with Regence gold leaf and patina. In addition, Jouve also designed the black panels that separate the two spaces of the boutique.

Within the elegantly furnished smaller, more intimate space stands the perfume organ: the beating heart of Parfums Henry Jacques. Flannel-clad walls and hemp flooring surround what is  perhaps the single most important structure of the entire Maison. Framing the organ are six lithographs that hold a special place in the heart of those running Parfums Henry Jacques. 


With thousand of preserved formulas, ancestral know-how, and the most premium of ingredients sourced from all around the world, customers in Asia now get to bring home thier own Henry Jacques perfume. The Les Classiques de HJ is a collection of 50 essences selected from the perfumery's greatest classics and creations. The warm tones of the fragrances paired with the sleek lines of the minimalist flacon designs make for a collection that is truly representative of the Henry Jacques identity. Each classique is available in 15ml or 30ml bottles presented in timeless cases that are free from fad and ostentation.

The wait is over. Take your first steps into the world of Henry Jacques at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and experience the art of perfume wearing at its highest level.

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