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FashionTrends We Hate!

Trends We Hate!

Trends We Hate!
By Mika Apichatsakol
February 02, 2018
The Thailand Tatler digital and editorial team shares their pet peeves when it comes to fashion and trends

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Who knew that such a cool, calm and collected team like Thailand Tatler could get this riled up? Savage even!  Well, to be fair, when it comes to the topic of despisable trends, wouldn't you have a hard time keeping out of the conversation? Our editorial and digital team lets out on fashion fads that rub us the wrong way. In the words of late Fashion Police Joan Rivers, "make it stop!"  

Off-shoulder tops 

off the shoulder.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of

I'm going to get so much hate for this—from friends of mine included—but off-shoulder tops need to die already. They're uninspiring and impractical. Everytime you raise your arm to hail a cab or order another drink, you need to readjust your sleeves. Style should be effortless, people!

Submitted by: Patraporn Peekawitsanuporn, digital content & strategy manager

Underwear on the outside

underwear on the outside.JPG

Photo: Courtesy of IG @ninaricci

Don't they understand what the "under" in underwear means?

Submitted by: Naphalai Areesorn, editor-in-chief

Black lips

black lips MAC.JPG

Photo: Courtesy of

Everytime I see or even just think of black lips, I always get a picture of a squid squirting ink in my head—not exactly the most alluring image. Thank god our digital editor only sports this look once in a while...

Submitted by: Alisa Mekmanee, deputy editor 

Band shirts

band shirts.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of

You don't fool me. You bought that "vintage" rock/metal band shirt at H&M or Forever 21 or some other fast fashion label—they're all the same anyway. Meanwhile your Spotify tells me you've listened to Metallica once in your entire life... right after you bought that shirt. 

Submitted by: Mika Apichatsakol, digital editor

Suit shorts

suit shorts.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of

Bloody ridiculous.

Submitted by: Matt Wilde, features editor

Thong jeans

thong jeans amazon fashion week.JPG

Photo: Courtesy of

Although I've never seen this actually worn by anyone in my social  circles—thank god!—it does very much exist and I just can't fathom why nor how. How did no one object to this at some point in its becoming. Surely someone recognised that it was a tasteless joke never meant for actual production. 

Also, crocs. 

Submitted by: Nicharee Phatitit, lifestyle writer

Functional trainers as a "look"

running shoes adidas.JPG
Photo: Courtesy of

No. Trainers are strictly for training. They're not a "look" for the office or any other non-gym outing. If you can afford to carry a change of clothes after your sweat sesh, you can afford a change of footwear as well. 

Submitted by: Mary Losmithgul, digital writer

Sheer  add-ons to shirts, dresses and things

sheer panel.jpg

Givenchy sheer lace t-shirt dress 

You ruined what was probably at least a decent top, dress or even pants with this useless see-through overhang. It's confusingly tacky. Stop it. 

Submitted by: Siriya Kallayasiri, social media manager

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