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Jewellery The True Essence Of The Mikimoto Brand: Pearls

The True Essence Of The Mikimoto Brand: Pearls

The True Essence Of The Mikimoto Brand: Pearls
By Thailand Tatler
November 04, 2019
No other brand exemplifies the aquatic jewel quite like this Japanese brand

When one thinks of pearled jewellery, this brand is often first to mind. Mikimoto has been in the pursuit of the beauty of pearls since 1893. Founder Kokichi Mikimoto's commitment to the cultivation of pearls from the ocean and their transformation into stunning pieces at jewellery is what the brand is all about and will continue to be as long as it carries his name. 

What Makes A Beautiful Pearl?

Beyond its lustre, colour, shape and the texture of its surface, size matters. The thickness of the nacre is an essential criteria when it comes to judging the quality of a pearl. As pearls are a work of nature, every sphere is unique and only a handful will fit the standards of an exclusive club known as the "Mikimoto Pearl". Cultivated pearls are hand-selected by experienced inspectors, and finding perfection for merely a single strand of pearls is a painstaking process that requires much time, effort and skill. 

The intricate and exquisitely detailed necklace above is a testament to the quality, craftsmanship and creativity of the Mikimoto brand when it comes to pearls. Inspired by the collar of a dress and evocative of the soft waves of a calm ocean, Mikimoto has managed to marry the two ideas into one beautiful jewellery statement. Expert craftsmanship is required to achieve this pearl stringing. In this masterpiece, 40 pearls within 0.125mm differences of each other are used—to the naked eye, they are practically identical.

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