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FashionThe Most Iconic Kate Spade Looks

The Most Iconic Kate Spade Looks

The Most Iconic Kate Spade Looks
By Deirdre Heavey
June 12, 2018
In honour of the tragic passing of the American designer and entrepreneur


Kate Spade’s tragic taking of her own life reveals an unfortunate reality for individuals battling mental illness. While Kate Spade, always with a smile on her face, appeared a genuinely happy person in the public eye, her death exposes the depression Kate was battling internally. It’s deeply saddening to discover that the woman who brought so much joy to the fashion industry couldn’t find happiness for herself. In honor of her life and legacy, here is a compilation of the most iconic Kate Spade looks. The world may no longer be graced with Kate Spade's vivacious spirit, but her legacy will shine through the bold brand she perfected.

The Bag

kate spade bag.jpg

The Kate Spade handbag serves as an affordable symbol of status and style. Ranging in a variety of colors and designs as well as shapes and sizes, the Kate Spade handbag combines modern and traditional styles. Being the bag is a staple to women everywhere, many took to Twitter to share the significance of their first Kate Spade bag.

The Prints


Perhaps most commonly known for its bright and bold prints, Kate Spade designs can be spotted from a mile away. Kate’s ability to bring vibrancy to beauty inspired looks by high society women from Kate Middleton to Sasha Obama.

The Jewellery

katespade jewellery.jpg 

Kate Spade never held back on the statement pieces. Finish off any Kate Spade outfit with big funky shapes to match the bright colored couture. This jewellery is designed to be fun and expressive to capture individuality.

 The Accessories

katespadeiphone cases.jpg

Where would you be without your trusty and trendy Kate Spade phone case, bright and bold glasses frames, or graphic makeup bag? Kate Spade has all the supplies to ensure every girly-girl never tires of her accessories and makes a statement while doing so.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, contact Samaritans Thailand at 0-2713-6793 (Thai language), 0-2713-6791 (English), or for 24-hour support.


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