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Fashion The #MetGalaChallenge Is Almost Better Than The Real Thing

The #MetGalaChallenge Is Almost Better Than The Real Thing

The #MetGalaChallenge Is Almost Better Than The Real Thing
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
May 07, 2020
A run-down of our favourite homemade looks so far—some of them aren't messing around

When COVID cancels the Met Gala, the internet gives you the #MetGalaChallenge. Adopting a positive outlook towards the cancellation of this year's Met Gala, Instagram users around the world are trying their hand at recreating some of the ball's most memorable looks, including Jared Leto's head-in-hand Gucci getup last year and Rihanna's blushing Comme des Garçons expression in 2017. A fun little activity for creatives to do at home during these strange times, the challenge is really showing us the amount of talent there is out there in Instagram-land. Truly, some of these people deserve to have their creations worn on the red carpet when the Met Gala does resume. But for now, here's the virtual 2020 Met Gala: 

1/15 Awkwafina

Rapper and actress Awkwafina herself posted incredible fan-remakes of her blinding 2019 Met Gala outfit. In terms of which recreation is the best, we think it's a tie between the gal who made hers out of coupon circulars and the Ferrero Rocher. Definitely neck-and-neck. 

2/15 Ariana Grande

This look did not go unnoticed by Ariana Grande. Bringing back to life the singer's Sistine Chapel inspired 2018 Gala gown, this remake by user @kakimova leaves us speechless and wondering how long it took to fashion this flawless masterpiece. 

3/15 Lily-Rose Depp

HALP. We don't know which one is the real 2019 Met Gala Lily-Rose Depp anymore!

4/15 Emmy Rossum

Kid's got mad style! User @rachkova_alisa picked such a chic Met Gala moment to recreate: Emmy Rossum at the 2017 Met Gala. Thank you, we'll never look at our white bath towels as merely functional ever again. 

5/15 Sarah Jessica Parker

@ijenmac did not just one, but several Met Gala looks this stay-at-home season, but SJP at the 2014 Met Gala is definitely her best remake because she even got the Met Gala red-carpeted stairs down!

6/15 Jared Leto

Loads of people tried to redo Jared Leto's 2019 iconic Met Gala look, but Piti the Frenchie's remake is simply untouchable. 

7/15 Katy Perry

@matthewreisman is definitely designing someone's gown at the next Met Gala after this display of talent. Mark our words!

8/15 Nichapat Suphap

@ariariale chose Met Gala's one and only Thai rep Nichapat Suphap's 2019 look for her #MetGalaChallenge, and she has designer Tomo Koizumi's rainbow ruffle dress down to a T!

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9/15 Gigi Hadid

Leave it to user @avantgeek to recreate a complex Met Gala look in full complexity. Watch her time-lapse of crafting Gigi Hadid's 2018 Met Gala Versace gown out of paper. 

10/15 Lana Del Rey

Gucci called. They've found their new muse, and it's you, @hiten.noonwal!

11/15 Priyanka Chopra

Better than the original. #sorrynotsorry

12/15 Solange Knowles

What's more impressive than this recreation of Solange's 2018 Met Gala look is the caption. Ohhh, the shade!

13/15 Saoirse Ronan

@shnicole_, I dub thee master of the kitchen tin foil. 

14/15 Rihanna

@elciee didn't just cut and paste this iconic Met Gala look together, she even hand-painted the floral print! My goodness, give this girl a star!

15/15 Lady Gaga

And the award for best supporting parents goes to @crescentshay, whose mum and dad helped play the role of Lady Gaga's umbrella bearer and camera person from last year's Met Gala to complete this entry of the #MetGalaChallenge. 

Hungry for more #MetGalaChallenge? Check out the tag on Instagram, and why not try your hand at Met Gala 2020?

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