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Fashion The Bangkok Shoe Forum For Gentlemen

The Bangkok Shoe Forum For Gentlemen

The Bangkok Shoe Forum For Gentlemen
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
October 29, 2020
An event for stylish and cultured men

An old adage says good shoes bring you to good places. For gentlemen, our shoes are what set us apart. They are testaments of fine taste, culture and personal identity. For men who understand the importance of good footwear, The Bangkok Shoe Forum is happening on October 30 and until November 1.

Allan Donnelly, founder and shoemaker of Don's Footwear, is hosting a three-day event just for gentlemen. A great opportunity for shoe connoisseurs to enjoy selections of high-quality, bespoke and ready-to-wear footwear, nearly 20 leading Thai and international brands including The Somchai, Winston Maison, Luui and Edward Green are participating in this fine festival of sorts.

At the event, you can also benefit from panel discussions on men's shoes and menswear by experts. Aside learning the tips and tricks for leather care, another highlight is the Foot Scan Technology, available at the event for perfect measurement for bespoke shoes. 

The event will be held at Duke Contemporary Art Space on the first floor of Gaysorn Village from October 30 until November 1, 11am to 8pm daily.

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Fashion The Bangkok Shoe Forum


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