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Fashion Thanachart Bank Promotes Staff With New Uniform Collection

Thanachart Bank Promotes Staff With New Uniform Collection

Thanachart Bank Promotes Staff With New Uniform Collection
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
January 18, 2019
Proud of its staff members as the Real Brand Ambassador of Thanachart, the bank launches a new uniform collection of 28 looks


While many industries are replacing its human workforce with mechanical ones, Thanachart Bank proudly stands behind its staff as the company's main driving force to success. To put into practice and display the value it places on its staff, the bank recently collaborated with Thai designer Pisit Jongnarangsin, co-founder of Tube Gallery, to create new uniforms for its 11,000 employees nationwide.

The collection, a customisable wardrobe of 28 looks, was designed to reflect the three core identities of the firm: smart, modern and energetic. 


Thanachart unveiled its new uniform design in a fully-fledged runway show with an orange catwalk

Thanachart Bank's vision for 2019 is for its staffs to be the new "Real Brand Ambassador" for the company.  Realising that employees have the most direct contact with customers, the brand believes that they deserve a title that truly represents what they really are to the company.

Understanding also that employees differ greatly in age and personalities, the bank made sure to respect the diversity by including a variety of design in the collection. Pisit explains that the theme of the collection is "Initiate... and Fulfill". By allowing individuals to choose what to wear every morning, they will have the motivation to fulfill their duties with confidence—as a constrast to staffs who are "caged" in unimaginative uniforms. 

The designer also added that the new uniforms were designed with the interests of the men and women of Thanachart at heart. He wants them to feel like they are looking their best because the staff members are like "the moving posters of Thanachart Bank." 


Corporate colours of orange, dark gray and white are highlighted in the new uniforms

Breaking away from the traditional connotation of uniform—that everyone must look the same—Thanachart's new uniforms include different styles of shirts, blazers, skirts and pants for staffs to mix and match as they like. Customisable.

The new uniforms have been in effect since January 2, 2019.

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