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Jewellery 7 Casual Thai Jewellery Brands For Your Stay-At-Home Glamour

7 Casual Thai Jewellery Brands For Your Stay-At-Home Glamour

7 Casual Thai Jewellery Brands For Your Stay-At-Home Glamour
Image: Courtesy of Maison de Jewels
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
April 29, 2020
An eclectic list of local brands anyone can pull off

As many of us are spending more of our days at home in our fancy silk pyjamas, dressing up and adornment are things we do for the benefit of ourselves. After all, the first person you have to look good for is always yourself. To bolster your OOTD at home, we've selected a few cult Thai jewellery brands, all with online stores where you can buy the goods. 

1/7 Maison de Jewels

Made with love, Maison de Jewels boasts its exceptional expertise and craftsmanship through timeless aesthetics. Simple yet playful enough to rock on any occasion, Maison de Jewels is suitable for formal events, a night out with friends or just entertaining yourself at home. The lovebirds behind the brand are meticulous on even the smallest details many would deem irrelevant like how the pearls glow or how the diamonds sparkle. The brand is a safe choice when looking for gifts—a unisex pair of earrings or a customisable bracelet engraved with a special message is a fool-proof pick for any occasion.

2/7 Mi Manera

Curvaceous with an air of naughtiness is how we would describe Mi Manera's latest collections. The brand draws inspiration from geometric shapes, contemporary art and architectural silhouettes to make pieces relevant beyond trends. Presenting something fresh and distinct with each collection, Mi Manera is a brand you will enjoy much like a stroll through a gallery. Take the latest pieces from the Movement collection for example. Organic curves and baroque pearls take the eye on a trip. An older collection, Mineral Utopia takes ideas from the post-modernist architecture of the 1980s, fusing metalwork with coloured stones like malachite and lapis-lazuli.

3/7 T.Twinkle

T.Twinkle is a fine jewellery brand that works with 18-karat yellow gold and a range of precious to semi-precious stones. The young designer blends seamlessly her travel experience with her Bangkokian roots. Together with her family of jewellers, she pledges to provide gemstone enthusiasts with the best gems and refreshing design. The latest collection, Nimit, highlights cabochons such as emeralds, amethyst and tourmaline accented with white diamonds. Minimal and colourful, the style is very versatile and eternal.  

4/7 Pattaraphan

If you are looking for items with an attitude, a piece for two from Pattaraphan might be just what you need. Minimal designs that radiate palpable rebellion is why the brand is so well-loved. Even their plain chain necklace is a muted scream. The Tusk collection is the newest, and its silverwork is just so edgy and versatile it can turn any outfit into a naughty one. Sharp edges and smooth texture give the pieces its addictive quietly dangerous charm. One of the most iconic pieces from Pattaraphan is the aluminum stay-tab from the Pressure series. 

5/7 Gemster

Jarujit Baiyoke's brainchild is definitely the brand for anyone who wants to add a little glamour into their most casual wear. Gemster is bling-bling with a touch of youthful femininity. The candy-coloured, synthetic gemstones offer uniform and pronounced hues and a whole lot of charm. Simple and uplifting, Gemster spikes its pieces with an occasional heart motif and contrasting colour juxtaposition, bringing smiles upon anyone who sees them.

6/7 Pach & Tach

It's all about the organic shapes of pearls and travels for Pach & Tach. Childhood friends Pacharee Sophie—founder of her own namesake label—and Tachol Kajornmasabus have joined forces to create a jewellery line inspired by their travels. These two jet-setters know the importance of travelling with jewellery and it shows through every piece they make. Fun and fascinating, the beachy, sunkissed aesthetics of the brand is suitable for any occasion, from sunrise to sunset.  

7/7 Thra

Thra translates shapes and curves from the natural world into breathtaking pieces. The designer manages to make use of minimal metalwork to highlight the natural beauty of semiprecious stones. In the latest creations, malachite, rose quartz, fluorite and other coloured stones flaunt their allure. The pendant earrings are also very beautiful and easy to carry. Although the brand is predominantly made for women, men can definitely pull off their quirky Wave bracelet.

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