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Jewellery Festive Jewellery Pieces To Uplift The Spirit Throughout 2021

Festive Jewellery Pieces To Uplift The Spirit Throughout 2021

Festive Jewellery Pieces To Uplift The Spirit Throughout 2021
Image: Courtesy of David Yurman
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
January 07, 2021
Pieces of festivity to accompany you throughout the year

Though the festive season is officially over, who's to say we can't be in a spirited mood still and for the rest of the year? Many jewellers have created exquisite pieces and collections for the festive season that we argue are to be worn and appreciated all year long. Here are nine pieces of festivity you can wear whenever you need an extra sparkle of joy in 2021.

1/9 David Yurman—Starburst Collection

Nothing can bring you joy like the dazzling scintillation of diamonds. Like the million twinkles in the sky is David Yurman's Starburst Collection. From pendants to bracelets and earrings, the series serves you your dose of glitter with the star motive of diamond pavé. 

2/9 Pomellato—Iconica Colour Ring

Pomellato's voluptuous silhouette is set with colourful stones of geometric and star-shaped flushes. Let the pink tourmalines, sapphires, tsavorites, red spinels and other precious stones in the Iconica Collection accompany you throughout the highs and lows of 2021.

3/9 Van Cleef & Arpels—Rose de Noël

This set of earrings and pendant was inspired by the seasonal blossoming of the rare Christmas Rose, which appears from beneath the mantle of snow from December until February. Its petals crafted from white mother-of-pearl and its pistil of yellow gold centred with round brilliant cut diamonds, VCA's Rose de Noël will bloom for eternity for its wearer.

4/9 Chanel—Bouton de Camélia Ring

Camellia is Gabriel Chanel's favourite flower. The petals white and pure and its form so delicate, the blossom is translated through Maison's jeweller with 18k white gold and diamonds. The result is the Camélia collection with mesmerising pieces ranging from pendants to rings and bangles. We have chosen the Bouton de Camélia Ring for its timeless and playful elegance.

5/9 Hemmerle—Earrings

Historical German jeweller Hemmerle often uses unconventional metals for the brand's delectable pieces with exceptionally rare gems. This pair of earrings, for example, features large pear-shaped, old-mine cut diamonds with rays of bronze and white gold emanating from the centre. This will make a stunning heirloom for generations. 

6/9 Lotus Arts de Vivre—Coloured Gemstone Ring

This colourful gold wire ring from Lotus Arts de Vivre is set with emeralds, rubies and a rose-cut diamond. The stones are presented to you in various shapes including marquise, baguettes and cabochon. However, with one uncut emerald slab among the mix, the ring is a beautiful reminder to how great of an artist mother nature is. 

7/9 Kavant & Sharart Jewellry—Twist Rings

Perhaps all you need are simple solitaire rings and the colours of the 'big three' are just so alluring. Kavant & Sharart's new Twist rings can be worn with the stone horizontal or vertical as they can be turned. You have three choices amongst the deep green Zambian emerald, the juicy red ruby or the divine violet-blue tanzanite. But why choose when you can stack them all?

8/9 Palmiero—'Blue'

Blue topaz with its clarity and hue is a good reminder of the cold festive weather. Palmiero's Blue, named in honour of the celestial shade of the gemstone, comes with earrings and other items with of similar design resembling effervescent fireworks. 

9/9 Maison de Jewels—Stary Stary Night

Last on the list is a local creation. Stary Stary Night by Maison de Jewels is an irresistible collection with impeccable craftsmanship, brilliant design and a humble price tag. Featuring coloured stones and Swarovski crystals set in playfully shaped flushes, the series includes earrings, rings and bracelets.

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