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Beauty Smoothe, Even And Clarify With The Power Of The Sea

Smoothe, Even And Clarify With The Power Of The Sea

Smoothe, Even And Clarify With The Power Of The Sea
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
July 11, 2019
Thalgo presents a new treatment with marine extracts to eliminate dark spots

Nothing is quite as frightening as growing older. The first signs of ageing appear on the skin. Dark spots, dullness and fine lines are the pioneering symptoms. While it is impossible to go against time, it is possible to buffer its evidence. We investigated the latest facial treatment that claims to do the job at Paris Spa, Bangkok.

Forest of Seaweed; Shutterstock ID 1034470135; Purchase Order: THALGO; Job: Dossier de Presse Lumière Marine; Client/Licensee: THALGO

A French brand that strongly believes in the power of the ocean, Thalgo is known for using marine water with trace minerals beneficial for the skin in all of its products. The lab recently released a new 55-minute Brightening Lumière Marine Treatment that targets hyperpigmentation. The main ingredient combatting external aggressors here is brown algae extract. Inhibiting the production of melanin and shielding against UV damage and pollution, the natural ingredient also protects your skin from blue light, an issue ever so relevant in today's electronic-driven life.

The first 30 minutes are dedicated to cleansing and exfoliation but before even that, the beautician performs the Éveil à la Mer welcoming massage. While your face receives a fine spritz of the Reviving Marine Mist, the shoulder is pressed to release tension and open you up to the treatment.

Cleansing then starts with the Gentle Cleansing Milk and Gentle Cleansing Brushes. After finishing with the Beautifying Tonic Lotion, Resurfacing Cream is applied to the skin to start the exfoliation process.

Gluconic and Phytic acid in the Gentle Clarifying Peel work their way into the skin for 10 minutes before the effect is balanced out with the Post-Peel Neutraliser.

Going into the next part of the regimen, the Reviving Marine Mist is once again sprayed onto the face, followed by a five-minute Regerating Digitopressure massage.

The last step is the Brightening mask, which truly does the magic. Containing concentrated active ingredients from deep waters, the formula mediates dark spots and other irregularities. Finally, Brightening Correcting Serum is applied for protection. 

The whole 55 minutes was very gentle and no irritation was felt after the treatment. However, do expect a slight sloughing of the superficial skin layer after which really does unveil a smoother and brighter complexion. The whole course calls for three sessions but the difference is visible since the first trial. 

To book a session, contact Paris Spa.


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