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Beauty Sephora Thailand Fall Shopping List

Sephora Thailand Fall Shopping List

Sephora Thailand Fall Shopping List
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
August 21, 2018
#TatlerPicks of both new brands and new products to get this season

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It's not only your wardrobe that deserves a reboot as the season changes. The onset of the fall-winter season is also the perfect time to go shopping for all new makeup and skincare because we know your spring-summer stuff are starting to grow old on you. So, for your upcoming visit to Sephora Thailand, here are our five picks of exciting new brands or products to check out and add to your cart.

Marie Dalgar (New Brand)

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If you’re bored of Naked palettes, here’s a brand whose pretty palettes have caught our eyes. Marie Dalgar hails to us from Shanghai with a fresh and vibrant take on Asian beauty. Developed by a Chinese makeup artist who recognised the importance of tailoring makeup formulas to Asian attributes, the brand is starting to gain momentum in the region outside of China. At the recent Sephora fall press preview, we were very impressed with Marie Dalgar’s holographic collection. Definitely something that will spark interest if you’re caught reapplying in public, the product inside the fancy-shmancy packaging will dazzle on their own.

Cover FX

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A familar name in Thailand Tatler’s beauty roundups, this time around we’d like to draw your attention to Cover FX’s setting spray because we’ve been getting so many compliments. If you’re a non-believer of the effects of setting sprays, trust us we once had our doubts too. It all changed after we had our faces spritzed over by Cover FX at the Sephora press preview. There are two Cover FX setting sprays you should be looking at: the High Performance setting spray and the Dewy Finish variation. Personally, this writer is hooked on the Dewy Finish. This product gives you that moist, youthful look that’s really hot in Korea--not a bad thing to be associated with if you’re talking about skin. The High Performance setter, however, is popular because it really makes sure your evening selfies are as fresh are your morning ones.

Saturday Skin (New Brand)

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New brand alert! Saturday Skin comes from the USA but was founded by a Korean doctor associated with the renown Chaum wellness centre in Korea. The skincare line consists of cleanser, lotions, essences, eye cream and masks—all geared at prolonging the vitality of your skin cells and warding off aging for as long as possible. The science involved is no doubt complex but Saturday Skin makes it easy for us with easy-to-use products, pleasant natural scents and ethical ingredients. Because in 2018, beauty and taking care of yourselves should be as easy and attractive as sleeping in or playing on a Saturday.

Alpha-H (New Brand)



Another new skincare brand to take note of in Sephora this fall is the Australian Alpha-H. Whereas Saturday Skin is more for the millennial who needs a little push in the right direction of self-care, Alpha-H we feel is for those who are well-versed in the realm of skincare and have an immaculate understanding of their own skin and what it needs. Amongst the concentrated formulas for specific purposes or skin types, select what’s right for you, what’s lacking in your current skin routine and fine tune your routine so that no skin issue is left unaddressed.

Allies of Skin (New Brand)

allies of skin.jpg


Among the many different types and brands of masks that are now available at Sephora, you’ll want to give new brand Allies of Skin a chance. But disclaimer: Allies of Skin’s masks aren’t those fun-for-photo masks that you wash off after about 15 minutes. They’re a leave-on treatment mask that protect you from the elements which are slowly and steadily wearing your skin down. The most attractive product for the Thai market—or at least the one we think everyone here needs—is the 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask. Wear this invisible mask under your sunscreen and makeup and rest assured, as you walk out into the Bangkok smog, that you’ve got one more line of defense against that threatening haze than those around you.

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