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Beauty Best Niche Rose Scents For Valentine's 2021

Best Niche Rose Scents For Valentine's 2021

Best Niche Rose Scents For Valentine's 2021
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
February 08, 2021
Six rose scents that will excite the most sophisticated and jaded noses

You're probably expecting to receive some roses on February 14th (well, hopefully), but the thing about flowers and their alluring aroma is they don't last very long. This is probably why roses are the most sought after scent in the fragrance world. However, that can also render the sweet scent pretty cliche, especially in the month of love. Only the best perfumers can manage to make a clever and truly coveted fragrance out of rose, and we've found six of them for you. 

1/6 Frédéric Malle—Une Rose

Une Rose by Edouard Fléchier is a poetic narrative of a romantic dinner with roses and red wine. Accompanied by other florals as well, like geranium and pelargonium, the composition is balanced with earthy notes of musk and truffle. The uplifting smells of honey and fruits also appear subtly in whiffs. We say this scent is an atypical rose scent although such complexity is not unusual for Frédéric Malle.

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2/6 Buly 1803—Rose Damas

Ideal for sensitive skin types, Buly's alcohol-free Eau Triple contains beneficial natural extracts. When sprayed, the emulsion of water and oils reveals itself as a milky fluid. Because ethanol is omitted from the formulation the scent is deeper but with less sillage. With the Eau Triple Rose Damas, while unmistakably a rose scent, ginger, cedarwood and vetiver give the overall fragrance an unconventional profoundness. As the different notes slowly unveil themselves throughout the day, the delightful sweetness of Damascan rose is accompanied by grounding the nuttiness from ginger and Haitian vetiver.

3/6 Kilian—Roses on Ice

Although Kilian's Roses on Ice won't be launched in Bangkok until after Valentine's Day, it's still a scent worthy of your attention. With its bottle a nod to a whiskey glass and to Kilian Henessey's heritage, the perfume presents itself as a refreshing ozone olfactory family. Imagine gin distilled with rose and cucumber. The scent opens up with the freshness of cucumber, juniper berries and lime, and then the rose centifolia takes over.

4/6 Maison Francis Kurkdjian—A La Rose

Maison Francis Kurkdjian has recently launched L'Homme à la Rose to accompany the more feminine counterpart A La Rose. Now a duo, both scents will make a perfect gift for a couple. A la Rose embodies Maison's speciality: rose scents. The top notes of Calabrian bergamot and California orange give that fresh kick to the flowery heart; Bulgarian rose, Grasse rose, violets and magnolia make the middle note a voluptuous floral. 


5/6 Maison Francis Kurkdjian—L'Homme A La Rose

The newer masculine counterpart, L'Homme à la Rose, has a similar but lighter, fresh-cut rose scent. Woody notes from amberwood, sage and labdanum—typical to men's perfume—are blended in. Within the same bottle, the two seemingly contrasting olfactory families marry seamlessly.  

6/6 Byredo—Rose Noir

Last on the list is a mysterious one. Byredo's Rose Noir starts off with powdery but refreshing scents of grapefruit and freesia. Neither feminine nor masculine, the Damascas rose heart is based with labdanum, oakmoss and musk. Diverging from the traditional symbol of love, Rose Noir is dirty and decadent, with an almost bestial quality.

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