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Beauty 6 Creative Ways To Reinvent The Cat Eye This Lunar New Year

6 Creative Ways To Reinvent The Cat Eye This Lunar New Year

6 Creative Ways To Reinvent The Cat Eye This Lunar New Year
By Mari Carmen Dávila
January 24, 2019
Bronzed goddess cat eye or dark drama queen?

 They say that eyes are the window to the soul so let’s make your soul shine bright throughout the year by attracting good vibes with gorgeous makeup this new year. 

1/6 Bronzed Goddess

For a subtle cat eye look, combine your favourite gold or bronze toned shadows to give your eyes dimension and then choose a complementary red colour for the eyeliner for a contemporary little twist. 

2/6 Dark Drama 

Let your makeup do all your talking at Chinese New Year with a combination of some dramatic black eyeliner and intense red lips. Extend the eyeliner well beyong the corners of your eye, lining the bottom too because this look is the opposite of #nomakeupmakeup and highly intentional.  

3/6 Rose Twist 

Mix and match natural, rosy tones with a standout rose wing. First draw the desired shape on your eyelids with a thin eyeliner, then use some kajal and a small brush to blend colour inwards.

4/6 Metallic Bomb 

A look so bold yet so simple, this one feels like cheating. Grab your favourite metallic eyeshadow and using only that, draw a crisp cat's eye around your eye. Fill it in.  We recommend leaving the rest of your face simple with a nude lipstick. If you need a touch-up on what nude lipstick is perfect for your skin tone, click here.

5/6 Lines & Dots

Show your drawing skills with this cool look. Start with a smoldering gold shadow base on the eyelid, then offset the softness with some crisp dark eyeliner, forming a thick wing that starts bluntly from the middle of your eyelid. Finish this chic look with three small dots under the wing, trailing off from your waterline, and boom! 2019's looking fierce. 

6/6 Glittery Soul 

What better way to attract good vibes this Chinese New Year than with festive glittery cat eyes? Add some bright glitter gloss lines around the corners of your eyes. Suggested colours for this season: red and gold.

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