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Fashion Ferragamo's Sandals of Sustainability

Ferragamo's Sandals of Sustainability

Ferragamo's Sandals of Sustainability
By Deirdre Heavey
July 05, 2018
A colourfully "carbon neutral" collection by Salvatore Ferragamo

Rainbow Future copy.jpg

Salvatore Ferragamo Rainbow Future sandal

Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest sandal is stylish yet sustainable. The design for this revolutionary Salvatore Ferragamo shoe was inspired by its iconic rainbow sandal, originally designed for Judy Garland back in 1938. With this tribute in mind, Salvatore Ferragamo now embraces the cross-over between the traditional made-in-Italy brand and its commitment to sustainability.

The hand-crafted design for the Rainbow Future rests on a veritable wood platform, is crocheted in cotton and lined with leather, recreating the original structure, design and materials established by the artist of the this futurista label in the 30s,  Lucio Venna. The collection is presented as a limited edition with just 100 pairs being produced.

180618_FerragamoRainbow.00_00_25_01.Still004 copy.jpg

Rainbow Future's design book and fabrics

180618_FerragamoRainbow.00_00_43_10.Still007 copy.jpg

The crochet design is hand-made from cotton

180618_FerragamoRainbow.00_00_58_22.Still010 copy.jpg

The veritable wooden platform of the shoes

180618_FerragamoRainbow.00_01_12_22.Still014 copy.jpg

Rainbow Future is lined with leather

180618_FerragamoRainbow.00_01_19_05.Still015 copy.jpg

Layering of the various coloured crocheted pieces

All 100 pairs of Rainbow Future sandals are crafted in compliance with social and environmental GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard Criteria) and produce no carbon dioxide emissions or water consumption. One hundred per cent recycled material of water glue, brass and thread hold the sustainable sandal together, and furthermore, the shoes are wrapped in a completely biodegradable cotton bag inside the recyclable cardboard shoebox. 

Meanwhile, Salvatore Ferragamo is working to obtain an ISO 14067 certification in order to calculate the carbon footprint of the company. Retrieving this valuable information would allow Rainbow Future to compensate for carbon emissions through reforestation programs, making it a “carbon neutral” shoe.

Sicilia_01 copy.jpg

Treedom will plant 100 orange trees in Catania for the 100 sandals sold

Moreover, for every pair of Rainbow Future sandals sold, Treedom,  a Florence organisation aimed at eco-friendly agroforestry projects and CO2 compensation, will plant an orange tree in the outskirts of Sicily. As a symbolic gift from Salvatore Ferragamo, there will be a link on the certificate of each Rainbow Future sandal to directly follow the lifespan of the specific orange tree funded by each individual purchase.

CAM23061 copy.jpg

The limited Rainbow Future sandal and official certificate

Learn more about the Rainbow Future sandal and about Ferragamo's initiative as a sustainable brand at


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