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Fashion Prince Harry’s Ex Wears Northern Thai Attire To The #RoyalWedding

Prince Harry’s Ex Wears Northern Thai Attire To The #RoyalWedding

Prince Harry’s Ex Wears Northern Thai Attire To The #RoyalWedding
By Mary Losmithgul
May 22, 2018
A taste of Thailand at the royal nuptials last Saturday


Image: Courtesy of Getty Images

By now you’ve probably received the low-down on what went on at the historic wedding between Prince Harry and Hollywood star Meghan Markle. You know which celebrities RSVP’d and probably even teared up a little while watching the live coverage—if you missed it, don’t worry, we’ve summarized the key highlights for you here. Amidst all the royal love in the air, here’s a piece of national pride for you: Thailand too had a part to play in the highly-anticipated celebrations watched by millions throughout the globe.


Image: Courtesy of Ian West/AFP


Image: Courtesy of Getty Images

Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas was seen at the royal nuptials dressed in a Northern Thai-style dress and already, locals across the country are squealing. One of Prince Harry’s two ex-girlfriends to attend the royal wedding—Chelsy Davy, whom Harry dated for seven years, was also on the guestlist—the actor and model received a lot of hype for showing up at the royal affair, especially as many originally thought she was the one Prince Harry would marry, up until the two broke up back in 2014.

A lot of coverage mentioned her dress, which has been described as colourful, rainbow and even channeling bohemian-slash-aztec vibes. However, a growing number are realising that the dress is in fact not a generic "boho" number but rather an inspired piece by British designer Eponine London, based on northern Thai attire.


Traditional dress of the Hmong hill tribe in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Image: Courtesy of

The brand’s founder Jet Shenkman had travelled to Chiang Mai in the past and released a collection inspired by the tribal Hmong dress found in northern parts of Thailand. Made out of hand-loomed cotton and trims sourced from Chiang Mai, the vibrant blend of colours and patterns, along with the trinkets dangling from the sleeves, all point to staples in Hmong traditional wear. 

This wasn’t the first time that Eponine London’s Hmong-inspired clothes have been associated with British royalty either. In 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing an ensemble from Eponine London’s Hmong-inspired collection at a charity event.


Kate Middleton wearing Eponine London at a charity event (Image: Courtesy of Getty Images)

With all the royal fever, many Thais take interest and pride in seeing a part of our traditions and culture represented at such a globally acclaimed event. A Facebook post currently going viral on the internet encourages us to recognise the dress as what it is: a Hmong dress at the royal wedding.


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