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FashionLeopard, Velvet and Glam: Pitchana Unveils ‘Queen Of The Jungle’

Leopard, Velvet and Glam: Pitchana Unveils ‘Queen Of The Jungle’

Leopard, Velvet and Glam: Pitchana Unveils ‘Queen Of The Jungle’
By Mary Losmithgul
May 18, 2018
Confident, sassy and undeniably sophisticated, here’s a glimpse into Pitchana’s latest collection


Modern Bangkok-based womenswear label Pitchana entered the SS18 fashion scene with ‘Queen of The Jungle’, a collection that expresses the brand's signature aesthetic of female strength and sensuality, this time through some animalistic energy. It's perfect for the bold millenial woman who's not afriad to show that she's the entire package: independent, driven, confident and sexy. 


Pimpisa Chirathivat flaunting a velvety leopard print number from the collection 

‘Queen of The Jungle’, as you may have guessed if you're a filmbuff, is based on the 1984 film Sheena, which tells the story of an orphaned Janet, who ends up leaving her city home for the jungles of Zambouli. There, she is renamed Sheena and taught the secret ability to telepathically communicate with wild animals. Sheena's story is reflected in the collection through a range of exquisite pieces where urban chic is given an exotic twist. As expected of Pitchana, a brand that worships the female silhouette, each piece in the collection accentuates our curves with impeccable tailoring and elegant charm. 


Founder Pitchana Ekachai

The collection features a full-range of outfits from, swimsuits to gown, with a reoccuring motif of animal print and shiny surfaces. Business-wear is made exciting in "Queen of The Jungle" with pieces like the purple velvet leopard-print blazer and matching shorts, or a leather skirt that goes all the way up to the bra line, paired with a sheery leopard-print chiffon top.

Meanwhile, the collection's supply of ruched metallic dresses or more velvet and leopard screams date night or nights-out with the girls that'll make your exes realise they've made a big mistake. And, not losing sight of all occasions within an urban woman's lifestyle, the SS18 collection features softer romantic looks with light hues of beige to pastels  that you can wear to your girlfriend's weddings and events of similiar mood and tone. 

For a taste of Pitchana's "Queen Of The Jungle" collection, swipe through the carousel below: 

PSS18_LOOK 1.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 3.jpg


PSS18_LOOK 9.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 11.jpg


PSS18_LOOK 6.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 14.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 15.jpg


PSS18_LOOK 17.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 20.jpg


PSS18_LOOK 25 BACK.jpg



PSS18_LOOK 23.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 27.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 28.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 29.jpg


PSS18_LOOK 34.jpg

PSS18_LOOK 38.jpg


Shop the collection or see the pieces first-hand at Pitchana’s flagship store in Central Chidlom Department Store’s ThaiThai Zone, or The EmQuartier. For more information, visit the official Instagram @pitchana_official.




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