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JewelleryPiaget's Glorious Sunlight Escape Collection

Piaget's Glorious Sunlight Escape Collection

Piaget's Glorious Sunlight Escape Collection
By Deirdre Heavey
July 24, 2018
Warming lights, Exalting Sights and Dancing Nights

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Piaget's recently released Sunlight Escape collection is compiled of three distinct facets to celebrate art, nature and life itself. Through the utilisation of dedicated craftsmanship and exclusive materials, Sunlight Escape delivers boundless freedom through stunning high jewellery pieces. Here's a closer look at the key pieces of the radiant collection: 

Warming Lights

copy copy.jpg

Piaget's "Palace Decoration" from the Warming Lights facet

The Warming Lights design in Piaget’s Sunlight Escape Collection is beautifully powerful yet delicate. There is an audacity to the formation of the creations, as well as an exhilaration to the materials. As they catch the light, the white diamonds transcend the reflections into various colors. Finally, “Palace Decoration” is an engraving process inspired by Haute Couture that alludes a fabric-like appearance ignited with a sparkle of precious stones.

Exalting Sights

G37N6100_1 copy.jpg

Ref G37N6100 from Piaget's Exalting Nights set

To celebrate nature in a powerful transformation, Exalting Sights features a large icy diamonds infused with natural emerald and turquoise stones. The necklace this is set in white gold to infuse the aura of the ocean with a night-blue sea shade. While the white gold appears to represent an iceberg, the clean cut of the diamonds creates a layer of class in each piece. Other features in this set follow the same trend with big white gold patterns infused by deep sapphire and emerald pieces in unique, sophisticated designs.

Dancing Nights

G37N6800_Necklace_Only copy.JPG

Ref G37N6800 from Piaget's Dancing Nights set

Dancing Nights represents the transition from night to day. Inspired by the aurora borealis, the explosion of colour sheds a light the joyous moment. Hand-crafted, the pain-staking process  requires tedious work from the most prestigious gemmologists for over a year. Maitre d’art Rose Saneuil has worked to create three high jewellery pieces for this set out of wood marquetry. The result is elegant and innovative as it is developed out of fine straw from ryegrass and wood from European hornbeam and sycamore.

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