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Fashion Pellevah Launches Stylish And Heavy-Duty Masks

Pellevah Launches Stylish And Heavy-Duty Masks

Pellevah Launches Stylish And Heavy-Duty Masks
By Tatler Thailand
December 25, 2020
Invest in a face mask that'll serve all your needs

Masks are clearly not going anywhere in the year to come. As we learn to accept our reality and adapt in order to thrive, Pellevah is helping by creating masks that not only protect us and help us protect others but ones of beautiful design that will add harmony and accessory to our outfits of the day. 

Image: Courtesy of Pellevah

The masks have a replaceable filter for PM2.5 and a removable section that can be washed to ensure that keeping the masks hygienic is a convenient task for users. In terms of breathability, Pellevah has emphasised fabric and form that will allow for good air permeability. As masks are so essential to life now, they ought to be comfortable and uninhibiting. This is something Pellevah has taken to heart. 

Another impetus for these masks is to help reduce the circulation of single-use masks, which pollute the environment and can endanger species. Made to last, a Pellevah mask can replace thousands of disposable masks for a single user, contributing to the preservation of our environment. 

Image: Courtesy of Pellevah
Image: Courtesy of Pellevah

For the gifting season, Pellevah is offering attractive discounts at their Anantara Siam Bangkok boutique. Bags and other leather goods are on 50-80 per cent off. You can also snatch a Pellevah mask this season at 30 per cent off. 

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