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Beauty New Sheet Masks From Panpuri To Revive You From Signs Of Aging

New Sheet Masks From Panpuri To Revive You From Signs Of Aging

New Sheet Masks From Panpuri To Revive You From Signs Of Aging
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
May 24, 2020
Age freeze is possible with the latest face mask and micro-needling patch from Panpuri

Sheet masks have been around for a long time, but they're gaining renewed popularity with the younger generation as a convenient, effective and stress-relieving treatment you can easily self-administer at home—a perfect fit for urbanites with hectic lives. In today's environment, harsh elements and debris are harming us more than ever, making skincare an increasing necessity. Subsequently, consumers are calling for higher quality in skincare ingredients.

Panpuri's clean beauty products blend the essence of mother nature with technology while strictly banning over 2,300 harmful ingredients. Listed in their ZeroList™ are silicones, PEGs and parabens, replaced by natural alternatives safer to human health, and now the brand has released two new face masks that promise youthful complexion with natural extracts suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Learn more about them below: 

1/2 ArunaYouth™ Complex Bifida Hydrogen Plant-cellulose Sheet Mask

The ArunaYouth™ Complex Bifida Hydrogen Plant-cellulose Sheet Mask contains patented ArunaYouth™ complex with Bifida and 1,000 ppb hydrogen molecules that together work to hydrate and leave the skin with a healthy glow even after first use. Because hydrogen is 176 times smaller than the molecular size of naturally derived vitamin C, the ingredient is able to penetrate deeper into the skin to fight free-radicles, the main cause of premature ageing and dullness. Meanwhile, the Bifida ferment content of the ArunaYouth™ Sheet Mask helps to strengthen skin cells from within, brighten and reduce fine lines by inhibiting the effects of tyrosinase activity responsible for pigment genesis. The third active ingredient of the mask is the ArunaYouth™ complex, a powerful natural antioxidant extracted from Jasmine Sambac that can reverse five signs of ageing and protects cells from damage.

Truly a serum in a packet, one sheet mask is equal to a 30ml bottle of concentrated serum. The ArunaYouth™ Complex Bifida Hydrogen Plant-cellulose Sheet Mask is also 93.7 per cent natural organic, passing clinical studies done by SJI Beauty & Health Sciences Institute and Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences. The ArunaYouth™ Complex Bifida Hydrogen formula is soaked into eco-friendly cellulose fibre cupra sheets, which are 100 per cent biodegradable. 

2/2 Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch

Inspired by micro-needling techniques, the Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch is a targeted anti-ageing treatment to plump up the skin and reduce fine lines for a youthful appearance. The Sniper Patch contains 2,600 self-dissolving micro-tips for fast and painless delivery of powerful active ingredients. Simply place the patch on your areas of concern, whether it's your forehead, cheekbones, crow's feet or the nasolabial area, and the safe and painless hydrogel-based micro-tips will give the area a targeted skin filling treatment.

Once the 2000-something needles have penetrated the epidermis, two powerhouse ingredients are set in action. The double hyaluronate is a blend of two hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. The heavier targets the outer layer, hydrating and locking the moisture on the epidermis for more refined texture. Working simultaneously is the Oligo, or the smallest molecular weight hyaluronic acids, which targets the inner layer. This component repairs and regenerate damaged cells while boosting collagen and elasticity. Another active ingredient is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, a protein that works similarly to botox by limiting muscle activity and wrinkling, however much safer. 

To try both products now, visit Panpuri's stores or shop online at


Beauty ArunaYouth™ Complex Bifida Hydrogen Plant-cellulose Sheet Mask Dual Hyaluron Lines & Wrinkles Sniper Patch Panpuri Clean Beauty


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