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Jewellery 8 Local Jewellery Brands Guys Should Know About

8 Local Jewellery Brands Guys Should Know About

8 Local Jewellery Brands Guys Should Know About
Image: Courtesy of Othongthai
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
June 29, 2020
Stylish bling for stylish men

1/8 Chey

An heir to a family of traditional bench jewellers, Suppakorn "Best" Sangwan is breathing new life into the artform. His jewellery brand Chey means 'out of fashion' and that's exactly the aim—to be outside of trends. Chunky, raw and heavy pieces value the true nature of the material. Blending technology and old-school techniques, one of Chey's mainstays is a 3D printed marine chain.    

2/8 Thammada Studio

Nawat Palungwitwattana's puang-ma-lai or garland collection won the Design Excellence Award back in 2015, making his brand, Thammada Studio, a well-known amongst silver jewellery lovers. Bringing classical Thainess into a contemporary decorative oeuvre, the studio offers a huge selection for varying tastes—from minimalists to maximalist.  

3/8 Ake ake

Drawing inspiration from medieval chivalric armouries, Ake ake supplies men with fantasies that can be worn. Popular articles from the brand include earrings, rings and bracelets of different sizes. While fierce and flashy pieces are the brand's signature, those looking for small easy-to-wear everyday pieces can also find plenty in Ake ake. 

4/8 99TH

99TH is clean, simple yet packed with cultural significance. This brand plays with different symbols and religious iconography, offering a slick alternative to your traditional amulets. Hindu deities such as Ganesh and Kali, Thai yantras and the Christian cross can be found in 99TH, reflecting the jeweller's point of view about the cross-cultural demographic of this country.  

5/8 Pahkin

Those who are taken by the mythologies of different cultures need to look into this brand. Pahkin Chongdiwattana, the head of designer, weaves the brand through his obsession for art history. From east to west and Byzantine to the Classical era, each collection from Pahkin reflects the complex yet mesmerising cosmos of storytelling. 

6/8 Rosepte

Looking for zodiac bracelets? Check this brand out because Rosepte does a lot with the twelve signs. Their signature, however, seems to be the rose motif. Roses do not often come up in men's jewellery due to the flower's feminine connotations, but Rosepte manages successfully to turn this stereotype on its head. 

7/8 Othongthai

Othongthai attracts a huge international audience despite being rooted deeply in the Thai jewellery scene for generations. Having points of sales in countries such as Japan, Russia and the UK, the brand presents old-school Thai aesthetics to the world with edgy twists. Diamond-encrusted sapphire rings and signets often seen on older Thais are made youthful and hipster by this brand. 

8/8 Harmenstone

Semiprecious stone beads claim to possess different metaphysical properties, and Harmenstone makes this the brand's selling point. Whether you believe in stones imbued by mother nature with magical forces or not, it is hard to ignore their beauty. Harmenstone provides customisation service so you can personalise your bracelets and boost their power. 

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