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Beauty #TatlerPicks: 5 Scents For The Season

#TatlerPicks: 5 Scents For The Season

#TatlerPicks: 5 Scents For The Season
By Nicharee Phatitit
February 15, 2018
Provided by Mother Nature at her bountiful best, a myriad of beautiful botanics inspire these effervescent perfumes

Whether you're looking for something sexy to spice yourself up for a date or something soothing just for your own relaxation, here five scents you ought to look out for this season!

Split Personality

photo 1 H600.jpg

Good Girl, Carolina Herrera’s latest fragrance, brings out the duality of a woman’s character with high notes of sambac jasmine and tuberose and base notes of tonka beans and cacao.

Full Bloom

photo 2 H600.jpg

One of the dreamy fragrances that make up Dolce & Gabbana’s Velvet collection, Velvet Rose, a homage to the Mediterranean rose, is characterised by an intensity of brightness and tonality.

Sweet Albion

photo 3 H600.jpg

Poppy & barley, primrose & rye, oat & cornflower, honey & crocus, green wheat & meadowsweet—the essence of Old England’s countryside is captured in Jo Malone’s new English Fields perfume collection.

True Spirit

photo 4 H600.jpg

The latest scent in Moschino’s Cheap & Chic collection, So Real combines the citrus of bitter orange and the sparkle of pink peony with a woody base of oak moss and cedar wood.

Secret Scent

photo 5 H600.jpg

From Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection comes Jasmin Rouge, a voluptuous and mysterious spiced floral. Bespoke ingredients such as sambac jasmine and clary sage essence are combined in an unexpected union.

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