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Jewellery #MakeAPromise: Louis Vuitton Renews Partnership With UNICEF To Save At-Risk Youth

#MakeAPromise: Louis Vuitton Renews Partnership With UNICEF To Save At-Risk Youth

#MakeAPromise: Louis Vuitton Renews Partnership With UNICEF To Save At-Risk Youth
By Julian Kim
February 15, 2021
Since 2016, LV has raised more than US$13 million through the sales of its Silver Lockits to help UNICEF make the world a safer place for every child

What began as a promise from Louis Vuitton’s son, Georges Vuitton, to protect his clients’ most cherished possessions, these Silver Lockit bracelets and their iconic tumbler lock design have partnered with UNICEF to make another vow—this one to assist at-risk children around the world against conflicts and disasters that threaten their well-being. In continuation of their #MAKEAPROMISE campaign, Louis Vuitton presents four new and imaginative pastel colour schemes to their Silver Lockit bracelet collection.

The bracelet’s adjustable cord is fashioned from organic cotton while both the engraved padlock and circle charm are emblazoned with Louis Vuitton’s timeless signature. Made from recycled sterling silver, these colourful pieces mark the first time that the French fashion house has opted for a fresh and sustainable direction.*

Alongside these bracelets, the Doudou Louis makes its first appearance. Bearing the House’s iconic signature and Monogram Flower motifs stemming from Georges’ family home in Northern France and made of a similar organic cotton to the bracelets’ cords, this warm and playful stuffed toy is a touching companion to the Silver Lockit collection. So whether the bracelet is a snug necklace for Doudou Louis or a stylish accessory—worn solo or otherwise—this collection is sure to be a delight both to avid collectors and as a thoughtful gift.

Going beyond their elegant design, these items grant generous clients the opportunity to support UNICEF’s efforts to provide a variety of essential services to children internationally. These new Silver Lockit bracelets retail at US$465, and with each purchase, $100 will be donated directly to UNICEF, while the Doudou Louis, priced at $955, of which $200 will be donated to UNICEF and their global mission.

The Louis Vuitton for UNICEF partnership has raised more than $13 million US since their partnership began in 2016, and with the COVID-19 epidemic still a present crisis, both Louis Vuitton and UNICEF continue to work tirelessly to recover and to reimagine a world fit for every child #LouisVuitton 

For more information or  to donate add @LouisvuittonTH on LINE or click here


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