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BeautyLuxury Eye Care Products That Work Like A Charm

Luxury Eye Care Products That Work Like A Charm

Luxury Eye Care Products That Work Like A Charm
By Jessica Lieu
September 16, 2018
Depending on what you wish to achieve, here are the products that'll do the trick!


Late nights in the horizon? Signs of ageing creeping around the eyes? The vulnerable eyes are the windows into a person’s lifestyle habits and age. Wrinkles, dark eye circles, and fatigue—you can only hide them with eye makeup, but when left untreated, are lingering reminders of pre-mature ageing. Fortunately, a slew of luxury beauty brands have took it upon themselves to create innovative treatments in the form of eye creams, gels, masks and more, to serve different concerns around the eyes area.

 For Firmness And Anti-Wrinkles: Chanel 


Photo: Courtesy of Chanel 

This intelligent, anti-ageing skincare adapts easily to the sensitive eye area, for an invigorated, smoothened, de puffed and cleared appearance, all thanks to an exclusive 3.5 DA formula. Result from the Chanel Le Lift: A visible lift to the eyelids, an even eye contour and a wide-eyed effect. 

Colour Correction: Clé de Peau Beauté


Photo: Courtesy of Clé de Peau Beauté

Built for colour correcting and moisturisation of the delicate eye zone the Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Corrector for Eyes doubles as a concealer and skincare to brighten and smoothen. Light- reflective pearl and an Illuminating Complex EX stays delicate on the skin, clearing the slightest of under-eye shadow. 

 For Premature Ageing: Beaubelle 


Photo: Courtesy of Beaubelle 

The Beaubelle Swiss Skin Care Anti-Fatigue eye Contour Gel's pearlised formulation has enjoyed sellout success all the way in South Korea, for its efficancy in tackling darks circles, puffiness, fine lines and eye bags. It's higly recommend for modern stressors caused by exposure to digital devices, air-conditioning, pollution, and UV rays, among some. 

 Instant Soothing: Lancôme


Photo: Courtesy of Lancôme

When cucumber slices just won't make the cut, the Lancôme Energie De Vie eye gel and its antioxidant and caffeine- infusion will calm all signs of puffines. A rollerball applicator is a quick fix for massaging as it imparts eyes with hydration that lasts for 24 hours. 

 Efficient Recovery: Estée Lauder


Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

Lack of sleep, poor blood circulation, and over exposure to screen time can dull the sparkle common dilemmas that can be undone with theEstée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex.  Enhanced with the 10x Concentrated Repair Technology, 24 hours hydration booster, and 8 hours anti-oxidant properties, the gel treatment is a timely arrival to your eye care arsenal. 

Brighter Eyes: Sulwhasoo


Photo: Courtesy of Sulwhasoo 

Reap the holistic benefits of Sulwhasoo's Snowise Brightening Eye Serum, which taps into the natural properties of the honeysuckle flower and white cloud grass. A metal roller tip evenly distributes a regreshing gel texture that's perfect for those with dry and thinner skin. 

 Youth Elixir: Omorovicza 


Photo: Courtesy of Omorovicza 

No matter the sensitivity of your eye area, the Omorovizca Gold Eye Lift has the solution to both sooth and renew. Stemming from replenishing ingredients like chicory root, vitamins A and C, the lush cream sets to work, soothing and renewing skin at the same time. 

 For Wider Eyes: Dior 8.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Dior 

The Dior Prestige The Eye Concentrate takes eye sculpting seriously in this product that incorporates an Open-EyeTM applicator. A formula boosted with the Rose de Granville extract and pearls immediately resculpts contour and erases fatigue. The eye area- lashes included - is stimulated in a sweep of the wan, upon acupressure points. 

Quick Fix: Shiseido 


Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido 

Ever wish you could steam-press the wrinkles away for an important occasion? With a name like the Wrinkle Risist 24, the Shiseido Pure Retional Express Smoothing Eye Mask swiftly blurs fine lines after one application. Skin texture is refined and stronger, bestowing you a well-rested appereance. 

Hydration Quenching: SK-II 


Photo: Courtesy of SK-II

A goos moisturizer is often ovoerlooked when it comes to treating discolouration and wrinkles. With the deeply hydrating SKI-II LXP Ultimate Pefectin Eye Cream, a host of ageing concerns is resolved with a more nourished, brighter and defined eye zone. 

Finishing Touch: dUck


Photo: Courtesy of dUCk 

Finally a little squeeze of the trusty eyelash curler to achieve a fresh-face canvas. The dUCk Curl It Good curler gives lashes a bombshell lift, fits all eye shape and promises not to pich, for those days you need extra help in the pre-makeup department.

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