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Beauty Keira Knightley Shares Her Minimalist Beauty Routine

Keira Knightley Shares Her Minimalist Beauty Routine

Keira Knightley Shares Her Minimalist Beauty Routine
By Hong Kong Tatler
June 14, 2018
Secrets to goddess beauty

06155230-Keira-Knightley-Chanel-Coco-Mademoiselle-Fragrance-Campaign_cropped_1584x780.jpgThe British actress and face of Chanel Beauty spared a few minutes to share her thoughts on skincare, relaxation and her daughter's favourite bath toys

What do you do to relax? 

With a small child there’s never any time to relax, except maybe with a glass of wine when she has gone to bed. That is bliss. And maybe a nice, relaxing bath—if I manage to have one where she doesn’t get in with me and we end up playing with dinosaurs.


05145113-CocoMIntense2018_modelvisual_lowres_resized_1000x1296.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Chanel

What’s your take on make-up?

I have to wear a lot of it when I’m working, so I don’t wear any when I’m not working. I enjoy creating a character and playing with my facial features and becoming someone else with the help of make-up, but I also really like days when I don’t have to wear any make-up at all. 


How do you care for your skin? 

I’m very low-maintenance; I don’t go for facials or anything like that. I do use a bit of rosehip oil, and occasionally I mix it with some moisturiser. Other than that—nothing.

06155227-870eb61a82b94e6104ed76a38ac67575_resized_1280x936.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Chanel

What’s the best part of being a Chanel ambassador?

Seeing the different facets of the house and how they all work. Going into the lab and smelling all the different raw materials is something I love so much. l feel lucky to be able to peer behind the scenes.


What’s your fragrance of the moment?

Coco Mademoiselle Intense.06161312-tumblr_p530b0DNm11sqskkro3_r1_1280_resized_1280x857.jpg





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