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Watches Kaia Gerber Is The New Face Of Trésor

Kaia Gerber Is The New Face Of Trésor

Kaia Gerber Is The New Face Of Trésor
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
April 23, 2018
A rare authentic supermodel in this day and age of social media-hyped celebs, Kaia is in high demand in the luxury market

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Not Kardashians and not Hadids—Kaia Gerber, who by looks alone you should all recognise as Cindy Crawford's daughter, is the new face of Omega's De Ville Trésor watches, the brand's iconic line of feminine timepieces.

Having first emerged in 1949, Trésor, or "treasure", referred to the then legendary 30mm calibre "hidden" inside a beautifully delicate gold case. De Ville Trésor  resurfaced in 2014 with a highly advanced co-axial movement in a remarkably thin case of 10.6mm and now, the watch adds to its value highly precise quartz movment in an even thinner case—9.75mm for the 39mm models and 8.85mm for the 36mm models—perfecting the design for modern day women. 

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What else can you expect from today's Trésor? Each watch features diamond paving curves along each side of the case and a single diamond set within the crown. Also on the crown is a flower, made up of five Omega logos in red, liquid ceramic. The mirrored caseback of the watch comes with a "Her Time" design—part of Omega's campaign to celebrate women, our identities, charima and style. 

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Which brings us back to the unprecedented choice of ambassador. It is easily argued that Kaia Gerber—despite her undeniable star quality and inherited legacy—at just 16 may be too young to rightfully represent as brand as prestigious as Omega. (She and her brother Presley, 18, are indeed Omega's youngest presenters at current.) However, it is also a fact that luxury brands of such history are all in a tipping point towards each of their future.  Brand ambassadors, if you've noticed, have been getting younger and younger as the market for luxury goods does the same. 

As a watchmaker would understand best, time keeps progressing; it doesn't stop. So you can either keep up with it or lose track of it.  We'll definitely be seeing more of Kaia and her generation fronting elite brands. Let's just hope for ones that remain humble and relatable despite their access to fame and fortune. 

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You can find Trésor and other timeless Omega designs at the Omega boutique in Central Embassy, Siam Paragon and The Emporium. Visit


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