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Jewellery Local Jewellery Pieces To Gift This Valentine's 2021

Local Jewellery Pieces To Gift This Valentine's 2021

Local Jewellery Pieces To Gift This Valentine's 2021
By Tatler Thailand
February 08, 2021
Thai jewellers are expressing their philosophies on love through these Valentine's collections

Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated occasions in a year. As a reminder to assure our loved ones we care for them and that they are a significant piece of our life, gifting during Valentine's is well-observed custom and jewellery is a great medium to convey the message of adoration.

To make your jewellery gift this year extra special, why not look more locally for different interpretations on love. Here are four designers with very different aesthetics.

1/4 Lotus Arts De Vivre

Lotus Arts De Vivre has dropped a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with a unique vine design called Everlasting Love. Flexible and resilient, gold is crafted with a special technique that allows the thin coiled metal to envelope the skin comfortably. Precious materials like diamonds and pearls embellish the pieces to make them truly Lotus-esque. Beyond being visually stunning, the collection conveys a profound take on love. 

2/4 Maison de Jewels

Maison de Jewels' collection is dedicated to that special date on February 14, and the message couldn't be sweeter. The lovebirds behind the brand have channelled their nuptial bond through a line of pink crystal-studded hearts with a cupid's arrow. Only possible through advanced technology and craftsmanship, some of the pieces feature faceted stones moving freely in a sapphire window. Range from rings and bracelets to pendants and earrings, this is the collection for those who love all things cute, pink and sparkly. 

3/4 Garçon

Hearts can be overly feminine and cliché but not Garçon's. Cast with the ancient lost wax technique in sterling silver, the collection boasts naughty, voluptuous chrome hearts that are truly unisex. Presenting a nihilistic attitude towards the day of romance, the selection includes subtle mini Moi et Moi Heart pendants to the large chunky Solitaire Heart and signature Chained Hearts. 

4/4 Othongthai

This custom-made, heart-shaped rhodolite ring from Othongthai makes for a unique gift for a unique Valentine. Why buy pre-made pieces when you can get custom jewellery for your special someone or even for yourself. Popular among rappers, this jeweller is known for old-school designs like studded signets. 

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