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Jewellery Icy Chains For Christmas 2020

Icy Chains For Christmas 2020

Icy Chains For Christmas 2020
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
November 20, 2020
Diamond chains are the cool new thing for the winter

It may not be snowing here in Thailand, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the frosty season with some ice. Local jewellery brands seem to have gotten the memo on diamond chains between the cool new trend for the winter. Unisex, versatile and very stylish, here's a short list of icy chains to gift yourself this Christmas. 

1/5 Chain of Success by Sirus Tanya

Sirus Tanyawattanakul, the founder of the namesake jewellery house, is proud to present his unisex creation of diamond chains. Named the Chain of Success, the fresh new design was a notable challenge for the house's craftsmen with its geometric angles and three-sided pavé setting. Available for order, you can choose between three series, or sizes, and three different materials: yellow, white and rose gold. Get two and you can seamlessly connect them into a choker.

2/5 HEX Collection by Harvey Owen Jewellery

The HEX Collection from Harvey Owen is dedicated to chains. With its name derived from hexagonal links, HEX boasts the geometric shape with a single row pavé of brilliant-cut white diamonds for irresistible scintillation.  Besides diamond stud chain bracelets and necklaces, the line also presents the addictive pattern on rings, earrings and pendant necklaces. Jewellery is available in 18K yellow, white and rose gold.

3/5 Chain Collection by S.Maneephand

Glistening three-dimensionally are S.Maneephand's chains. The micro pavé follows the curves of each of the designs, offering a glittering sparkle you can hardly resist. Visit their boutique at Anantara Siam Bangkok or head to their website for more information. 

4/5 Diamond Chain by Jasmin Jewellery

A trustworthy maker of diamond jewellery, Jasmin holds a wide breadth of items to choose from. The jeweller aims to bring diamond down from its pedestal to be worn casually. With the Jasmin diamond chain bracelet, wearers can add a glamorous kick into their street attire. 

5/5 Origami Link No.5 by Kavant & Sharart Jewellery

The Origami collection by Kavant & Sharart was inspired by the art of paper folding, and the No.5 link resembles a strip of paper folded five times. As number five or "ha" in Thai is an onomatopoeia for laughter, the designer stops at the number for optimistic humour. The 18K gold jewellery alternates between bare precious metal links and ones lined with white diamonds for a captivating rhythm. 

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