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Watches Doytibet Duchanee Wears Hublot And Reflects On The Business Of Art

Doytibet Duchanee Wears Hublot And Reflects On The Business Of Art

Doytibet Duchanee Wears Hublot And Reflects On The Business Of Art
By Thailand Tatler
December 01, 2019
Hublot Focus
Doytibet styles a Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Black Magic 45 mm

The managing director of art business L’Artisan, Doytibet Duchanee is no stranger to the world of creativity. As the son of the late internationally acclaimed painter, architect and sculptor Thawan Duchanee, art has always played a significant part in his life.

“It’s in my blood and it is also my livelihood,” says the artist, curator and museum manager. “I founded L’Artisan because I wanted to see the art industry here grow. It is not enough just to have galleries and exhibit works. It is equally important to grow the business and disseminate an appreciation of art to the public.”

His mission to lift the business of art in Thailand began with the management of his father’s oeuvres and the Baandam Museum. “Art has always been important, dating back to prehistoric times. It is the first language of humanity, the initial way we communicated stories to others, so it’s no surprise that brands today also use artistic collaborations to convey their stories to the public.”

Luxury watchmaker Hublot is a brand that collaborates particularly well, says Doytibet. “Hublot’s CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, is truly visionary in setting up this partnership between art and haute holorgerie. In essence he is creating a watch that is an artistic masterpiece. Unlike other brands that might only collaborate with sports, Hublot embraces the interests of its exclusive clientele. This truly enables the brand to resonate with its consumers, which is very important. Hublot is unique in that in addition to its strong business performance it is equally strong in its sense of responsibility to society. I think that consumers today are very savvy and they want brands that reflect their character and their own beliefs.”

Through the combination of cutting-edge watchmaking technology and avant-garde design, Hublot is the perfect statement of style. “Hublot’s uniqueness is the element of fusion. The brand combines innovative design with inventive functionality. This constant refreshing of identity keeps the brand relevant,” Doytibet says.

A proud collector of Hublot watches, he adds, “I love the brand because of its distinctive character. I think that it does a great job in expressing my identity. I particularly like Hublot’s partnership with Ferrari as it combines my passions for beautiful cars and exceptional watchmaking. I also truly admire the collaboration with Richard Orlinski as it opens doors for an extraordinary synergy by fusing contemporary art and the art of watchmaking itself.”


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