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Beauty Review: 5 Products From Fenty Skin You Need In Your Life

Review: 5 Products From Fenty Skin You Need In Your Life

Review: 5 Products From Fenty Skin You Need In Your Life
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
March 29, 2021
If you thought Fenty Beauty was good, you've gotta try Fenty Skin

It's been a year since Rihanna's released a new single, and that was after a four-year hiatus. The songstress is obviously pouring her energy into her Fenty brands. Fenty Beauty, known for its inclusivity, has been a big success since its release and towards the end of 2020, Fenty Skin was launched. With the same goal to provide simple solutions for all skin tones and types, Rihanna worked with Kendo Brands, an LVMH-owned beauty developer, for the expansion of her skincare line. Now with five items, Fenty Skin pretty much offers all the essentials for your beauty ritual—from cleansing to protection—while simultaneously priming the skin for makeup.

After sticking to a full Fenty Skin regimen for over a month, here's the lowdown on each of the products:

Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser

Washing the face with a good cleanser is as basic as one's skincare routine can get. With a twist of the cap, the opening of the Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser is revealed. Squeeze the lilac tube to dispense the creamy, gel-like, two-in-one makeup remover and face wash. A little goes a long way with this one—a pea-size amount is enough to lather up a thick and silky foam. This product is a perfect complement to gadgets like Foreo because of its rich consistency, allowing the tool to glide smoothly across the skin. A pleasantly perfumed product, the formulation does not, however, agitate the skin. 

Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum

The first thing to do after cleansing is to trap the moisture in. Use the Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum to do this. Twist the cap and pour out some of the product onto your clean hands and lather on your face. The brand claims that the toner-cum-serum tightens the pores while reducing the appearance of dark spots. What we can say is that the thick fluid is a great priming product for foundation and powder. And yes, the appearance of pores are minimised. 

Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

With refillable packaging, the Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF 30 is a daily moisturiser and sunscreen that is suitable for all skin types. The pump bottle dispenses lilac tinted liquid that helps combat dehydration, discolouration and dark spots while also protecting your skin with broad-spectrum SPF30. With its fluid yet balmy texture, the product also serves as a great primer that smoothens and helps makeup stay on better. 

Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream

Night-time is reserved for intense treatment. With the Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream, you will wake up with glowing, well-hydrated skin. The rich gel-cream moisturiser instantly quenches the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. With consistent use, the complexion is smoother and plumped. This product is also refillable and comes with a spatula for hygiene. The texture is light and wet; lather on thin or thick depending on your preference. 

Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream

The latest addition to the skincare line is the Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream. 'Fake a nap in a flash and instantly wake up tired eyes' says the press-release, and it really does do the magic. The ultra-lightweight, non-greasy, gel-cream texture glides on effortlessly around the delicate eye area to give a cooling sensation with the Menthyl Lactate within the formula. More active ingredients include depuffing horse chestnut, hydrating hyaluronic acid, energising Persian silk tree and antioxidant-packed green tea. 

Get Fenty Skin at Sephora nationwide. For more information, visit

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