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Fashion Men's Essentials To Elevate Your Everyday Look

Men's Essentials To Elevate Your Everyday Look

Men's Essentials To Elevate Your Everyday Look
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
September 23, 2020
Basic, easy-to-wear items that will take your stay-at-home attire outside

Even the most flamboyant fashionista needs a dress-down day every now and then. But dressing down does not automatically mean appearing shabby, especially not with the right styling and selection of basic pieces. Casual wear can indeed exude fine taste without being loud. To help you achieve this with ease, we've curated essential items for men who just want to keep things simple and chic. Leave home effortlessly with the following items. 

1/7 Maison Kitsune's Tee-Shirt With Fox Head Patch

Tee-shirt with fox head patch in navy
Tee-shirt with fox head patch in black
Tee-shirt with fox head patch in white

What's more timeless than a good, plain tee, especially one of such superior quality and comfort? These tee-shirts bearing a classy fox emblem are a valid excuse to visit the freshly opened Maison Kitsune store at The EmQuartier department store. The wardrobe staple comes in three basic colours: navy, black and white, each with the small fox head patch on the left chest. 

2/7 MOO MOO Thing's Camo Adjustable Mask

Whether you like it or not, masks remain an essential in the new normal, so you might as well get stylish with them. MOO MOO Thing's camo adjustable masks are versatile and fashionable, with six different colours to choose from. So leave your surgical masks at home and sport something cool. 

3/7 H&M's Blank Staples Collection

H&M has just introduced its Blank Staples collection, streetwear essentials that are the building blocks of any contemporary wardrobe. A collaboration between H&M's men's design team and Highsnobiety, Blank Staples is a canvas in the form of hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and tees on which you can create your style. Highlighting neutral tones like black, white and beige, the collection can be matched with anything or any which way. 

4/7 Maison Kitsune's Cap With Fox Head Embroidery

Who cares about a bad hair day? Wear Maison Kitsune's cap (also with the fox head motif) and people won't even think it's a cover-up. This is a great accessory to add a boyish charm to your everyday look, one that's also very practical.

5/7 Philip Huang's Natural Hand-Dyed Socks

Philip Huang's hand-dyed socks are much more than they look. The socks are coloured using pigments from natural ingredients: blue from indigo and orange from clay. Each piece comes with unique patterns but every one of them has antibacterial and UV protection properties, all from the chemical-free dyes. So get a pack for fashionably healthy feet. 

6/7 Saint Laurent's Court Classic SL/06 Sneekers

Some might say white shoes are a challenge but we'd argue that they're fool-proof. They simply blend with any outfit, whether you're wearing shorts, jeans or even slacks. Saint Laurent's Court Classic SL/06 sneakers are made with distressed canvas and leather and has the label stylishly embroidered in black. 

7/7 Dior Men's Diorstreet2 Sunglasses

We've all been there: when you are either too hungover to face the world or too shy to look someone in the eye. All you need to resolve these less-than-ideal situations are a cool pair of shades. Dior latest men's collection offers a selection of five different sunglass designs. We find the DIORSTREET2 a simple, elegant and versatile piece that will turn any outfit into a slick, alluring and seemingly intentional one.  

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