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Beauty H24: Hermès' New Fragrance For Men Bottles Nature & Tech

H24: Hermès' New Fragrance For Men Bottles Nature & Tech

H24: Hermès' New Fragrance For Men Bottles Nature & Tech
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
March 18, 2021
H24 is a vibrant, sensual and luminous fragrance that will ignite men's style without ever confining it

The last time Hermès dropped an all-new men's fragrance was in 2006 with Terre d’Hermès. Breaking the hiatus with a bold move away from the cliche woodiness of masculine colognes, Christine Nagel has created the latest scent for today's urban man. Seemingly minimalistic and conceptual, H24 blends together nature and biotechnology with a few and precise notes: clary sage, rosewood, narcissus and sclarene.

Christine took inspiration from the tailoring atelier of the Maison where materials of various textures are assembled and pressed with a steam iron. She closely observed the work of Véronique Nichanian—the woman behind Hermès' menswear—to discover the mutual liking for fluidity, proportion and materials. 

When I attend one of Véronique's runway shows, I am always struck by how I am able to feel the texture, the very weave of the fabric, with my eyes.


Evoking the image of an urban being as a green sprout finding its way through the concrete design, the fragrance is modern and dynamic with a touch of classic charm. Upon the first spritz, a refreshing citrus note awakens the nose while the narcissus gives the top note its opulence. From the bright opening comes alluring chypre notes as the clary sage takes prominence together with the sensual yet grounding Peruvian rosewood backing it up. Giving the perfume a whole new dimension is the futuristic sclarene. A molecule extracted from clary sage gives off the metallic note reminiscent of the hot steam iron. The sclarene is composed slightly muted, without being too piercing, making the whole juxtaposition a well-balanced one. 

Bottled in a simple glass flask similar to that of Terre d’Hermès, H24 is a fresh scent that can be pulled off easily thanks to its minimal nature. Although categorised as a green aromatic eau de toilette, the greenness is not pronounced like in Chanel N°19 or Sisley's Eau de Campagne. The scent can definitely be enjoyed by both men and women, as the concept is to not confine masculinity.

Experience Hermès' new fragrance for men at Hermès counters today nationwide or visit for more information. 

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Beauty H24 Hermès eau de toilette


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