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Jewellery 6 Gold Jewellery Pieces To Get Him This Christmas 2020

6 Gold Jewellery Pieces To Get Him This Christmas 2020

6 Gold Jewellery Pieces To Get Him This Christmas 2020
Image: Courtesy of Bound By Oath
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 17, 2020
Gold bling he'll absolutely love

Yellow gold has long been associated with power and masculinity. The rare noble metal was hailed by ancient civilisations and adorned the elites' regalia as a symbol of status and sacrality. Though pure 24 karat gold has lost its popularity over time due to its softness, gold will never lose charm and value. With different metals added in the mix, 18 karat gold is more sturdy and more appropriate for all occasions. For this gifting season, we present you with six yellow gold jewellery pieces for men.

1/6 David Yurman's Golden Chain With Charms

This New York-based jeweller is reknown for his savoir-faire in metalwork, especially when it comes to chains and cables. Get your man or yourself a David Yurman necklace with customisable charms, and wear the piece for as long as you will as these quality pieces from the brand will never go out of fashion. 

2/6 BBO's 9K Gold Chain

Local jeweller Bound by Oath belongs to a pedigree tracing back to the royal palace. Having gained the trust of royalty, the brand boasts fine craftsmanship in precious metalwork and gemstone setting. The unique chain from BBO is a simplification of the house's savoir-faire and a perfect piece for everyday wear.

3/6 Adage's Golden Dog Tag

As hip and rebellious Adage's designs may look, the brand is imbued with spiritual energy. Awaken with Adage and their esoteric wisdom conveyed through striking patterns, iconography and unbeatable craftsmanship. Making the message clearer, each jewellery has a quote written on the back as a reminder of the connection with higher vibrations. 

4/6 Scintilla Gioielli's Flex'it Gold Bracelet

Roll one of this on or stack them on your wrist to make a statement. Fope Gioielli's Flex'it bracelet from their Prima Collection is a fine display of Italian craftsmanship and fine taste. The bracelet is made with a special technique in which the metal stretches and rests comfortably on the skin.

5/6 Tiffany's T1 Collection

Tiffany's latest collection is a perfect embodiment of the elegance and the spirit of the brand. The T1 bracelet and ring are suitable for men and women and great for any occasion, formal or casual. You cannot go wrong with the simple design from Tiffany & Co.

6/6 Cartier's Écrou de Cartier

Industrial yet classy are the pieces from the Écrou de Cartier collection. Moveable bolts on ridged band illustrate not only a sense of play but also the high level of know-how required to achieve such piece. The bracelet and ring are available in white gold, pink gold and, of course, yellow gold. 

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