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Fashion Fashion Tips By Tatler Thailand’s Most Stylish Men

Fashion Tips By Tatler Thailand’s Most Stylish Men

Fashion Tips By Tatler Thailand’s Most Stylish Men
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
October 12, 2020
Five sartorially shrewd guys, all recent winners of Tatler Thailand’s Most Stylish Man accolade, give fashion tips to bring out the inner dude in you

ML Korkrita Kritakara na Ayudhya

Managing director of Iconic Studio, which boasts several recognised projects such as Thonglor nightclub Beam, ML Korkrita certainly has an eye for the stylish. A part-time DJ and vinyl collector who never fails to look good, he says, “I like imperfect beauty and style for me isn’t just about the garment, it’s also about attitude and how you wear it, how you carry yourself.”

A fan of tuxedos, he enjoys mixing and matching a variety of designs and describes his personal bravura as eclectic. Not one to stick to high fashion, he can often be spotted in a T-shirt from Zara paired with a Prada suit. His favourite colours include navy blue, beige, mustard and shades of brown and everything in matt because “glossy is not my thing.” He adds, “The way you dress should be about having fun and experimenting. It is a form of self-expression we all possess.” He admits, however, that certain brands speak to him more than others. One of his favourites is Tom Ford for its timeless quality and design. In terms of formal wear, unlike many who get their suits tailored Korkrita buys ready-to-wear but gets his shirts and slacks tailored. One of his style icons is His Majesty the late King Bhumibol.

Sappasit Foongfuangchaveng

The director of brand strategy at property giant AP Thailand and founder of popular men’s swimwear brand TIMO, Sappasit’s seamless sense of fashion rarely goes unnoticed. Exuding a unique charm and knack for picking just the right duds for the occasion, his look—which he describes as modern Neapolitan—often features hidden suspenders and high-waisted trousers complemented by colourful Napoli-style jackets. “I like to call it the grandpa of 2020 look,” he laughs. Never one to shy away from rocking cold colours, he loves navy blue, bright yellow and mustard hues, sometimes all together. If you’re wondering where he shops, Sappasit confesses to frequent visits to Liverano & Liverano. “I love the brand’s timeless jackets, particularly its unstructured shoulder suits. They’re perfect for both formal and smart-casual events. There’s something about a classic Italian suit made from vintage fabric that makes me look and feel the part. An investment in a bespoke Italian jacket is so worthwhile. It is a garment you will keep all your days,” laughs the collector of seven-folded neckties. A reflection of his sartorial smarts and fun personality, his TIMO trunks brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Orand Puipanthavong

As one would expect of the vice president and co-founder of luxury fashion retail company PP Group, Orand never looks anything but dashing, whether he’s running a casual errand or attending a royal event. His company imports top-tier brands such a Givenchy, Loewe and Roger Vivier. That said, despite his enviable access to the realms of high fashion, the man himself is circumspect when it comes to spending and admits he doesn’t shop very often. When he does he purchases ample quantities of apparel he knows will look good, be comfortable to wear and last for a long time. His style is a unique combination of minimal and effortless with little twists and occasional touches of detail. On any regular day he is more than often sporting a simple white T-shirt under a casual jacket or blazer. He is also fond of streetwear and ‘fesses up to collecting a number of pieces from the Off-White brand in collaboration with Nike. “A good evening jacket in a nice colour should always be in a man’s wardrobe,” he says. “The best place to get them is Milan, at shops like Boglioli.” Also a fan of Sacai, Orand is often away traversing the globe in the pursuit of sartorial insights and new experiences with his friends and family. He plans to do so again once travel restrictions have been lifted worldwide.

Jay Spencer

A former TCDC executive, father of two Jay Spencer now runs the Woof Pack creative and lifestyle hub. When it comes to style he admits fatherhood has started to play a big role. “These days I tend to dress for casual comfort,” he says. “Nothing too old and certainly nothing too new!” As with his laid-back personality he has an effortlessly cool look, one that speaks of manly practicalities, giving him a rugged vibe cloaked in brushed cotton. To wit his penchant for black T-shirts and black jeans, to which he will simply add a dark linen jacket when more formal situations demand it. “It is purely practical...around the children, several dogs and wandering across construction sites, one gets quite messy by the end of the day,” he laughs. Occasionally he will throw on a pair of shocking pink socks to add contrast and when he does gussy up for an evening out he often chooses tailored suits by VVON. He is particularly fond of the brand’s velvety jackets. His T-shirts come from Muji, jeans from True Religion, dress shirts from Aspesi and shoes from Corthay or Tom Ford. If you spot him by the sea, he’ll likely be wearing trunks by TIMO because he likes its cutting and colours. He adds, “I also like animal print pocket squares by Jim Thompson as I have a soft spot for both animals and Thai silk.”

Kanachai Bencharongkul

Fashion photographer and art curator Kanachai, or Kit as he is more commonly known, also helps run the family-owned Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) as creative director. He is just as confident behind the camera as he is in front of the lens. His dapper style and unique charm always turns heads. If you have seen him out and about, the first thing you will notice about Kit is how effortlessly cool he always looks—simple yet intriguingly stylish. If anyone can make a simple T-shirt or short-sleeve silk shirt look cool, it’s Kit. “Truth be told, I went through some flashy periods as a teen but these days I tend to gravitate towards the subtly smart,” he says. It is a fashion leaning that gels well with his matinee idol moustache and signature shades. While he visits Uniqlo for T-shirts and trousers, Kit is also a big fan of Kim Jones, particularly his collections at Dior Men. “I’m not really a collector but I am a shoes guy,” he says. From leather brogues to fashionable sneakers, his footlocker is varied and contains something appropriate to complete every outfit. At formal events he often stands out from the crowd with his signature look boasting classic palettes and a timelessness flair. “Most of my suits are tailored,” he says. “Von Sugunnasil of VVON does most of them and I love switching the colours when he makes me a new tux.”

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