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Fashion Dior Reignites The Feminist Flame This Season

Dior Reignites The Feminist Flame This Season

Dior Reignites The Feminist Flame This Season
By Deirdre Heavey
July 11, 2018
With a can't-miss autumn-winter collection

covwer copy.jpg

Feminist slogans and art splattered across the Dior Boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France

If you happened to miss Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2018, entirely covered by feminist rally cries and propaganda, don’t worry. There’s no missing Dior’s launching of their 2018 Autumn-Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear c ollection. Infusing absolutely no subtlety into their progressive presentation on the facade of their iconic boutique on Avenue Montaigne, the brand proves its ability to do everything bolder and better.

Channeling the spirit of change that dominated the 1968 revolution, Dior’s first female artistic director is taking the brand to places it’s never been before. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s flashy runway at this year’s Fashion Week has proven to be just a stepping stone into the kind of statements Dior plans to use their platform for. In commemoration of the student, worker and feminist strikes that dominated French social movements half a century ago, Maria Grazia Chirui has made 2018 a year for the revival of these ideals.

covwer copy.jpg

A window of the Dior Boutique showcasing three feminist-inspired pieces

Transitioning into their Autumn-Winter 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection, Dior proves their feminist efforts are no seasonal sensation. Inspired by the French new-wave film, Une Femme est Une Femme, by Jean-Luc Godard, Maria Grazia Chirui has created a multi-dimensional, unique and liberated revolutionary woman for the 2019  campaign. Godard and Chirui share the same vision of a non-stereotypical feminity which evokes feelings that transfuse words and style into action. Chirui speaks of their like-mindedness and her adoration for Godard's portrayal of feminity,

“I have always loved Godard's movies, his ability to provide a showcase for beautiful female characters: contemporary heroines balanced between traditions and the desire to escape, between aspirations, dreams, and reality."
xarzKz_w copy.jpg

Dior model stands proudly in a signature slogan sweater muttering, "You think I'm mad but I'm quite sane."

Using words as weapons, popular revolutionary slogans as well as a modern play on words accompany the powerful images Godard presents through film and Chiruri through fashion. The Dior Boutique stands loud and proud showcasing catchphrases, such as “C’est non, non, et non!” and “Youthquake”. 

 Time-lapse of the construction of the Dior Boutique

Art has the ability to create and embrace social movements and Dior’s ability to use their international platform to influence change is what maintaining a global status should be all about. Surpassing the surface level as a designer fashion brand with an integrated political and social boldness, who knows what Dior could have next in store?