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Jewellery 9 Items You Have To See From Christie‘s May Auction In Hongkong

9 Items You Have To See From Christie‘s May Auction In Hongkong

9 Items You Have To See From Christie‘s May Auction In Hongkong
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
May 27, 2019
Precious and rare items you have to fight for

This month holds important dates for vehement art and collectable lovers to mark on their calendars. As with every May, Christie's will host its annual auction event, boasting objects with historic and material significance in core cities such as Hong Kong, Geneva, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York. From rare pink diamonds to astronomic watches, we have picked nine of the most spectacular jewels and watches that'll be up for auction on May 28 in Hong Kong.

1/9 The Bubble Gum Pink

Jewel collectors know the rarity of coloured diamonds—let alone one that is massive and with vivid hue and exceptional clarity. The Bubble Gum Pink is a truly rare stone with its stunning purplish pink hue and flawless clarity. Set on a size 5 gold ring, the 3.44 carat stone is encircled with four pear-shaped pink diamonds of paler shade and more marquise-cut white diamonds. The phenomenal piece was crafted by the globally renowned jeweller, Moussaieff, creator of numerous oeuvres.

Estimated value: US$6-8 million  

2/9 Important Coloured Diamond And Diamond Ring

Another rare coloured stone you cannot miss at this coming Christie's auction in Hong Kong is this 8.13-carat yellow rectangular-cut diamond. Set on a size 6 gold ring along with two trapeze-shaped white diamonds on either side of the yellow diamond, the main stone shines bright in the centre like the sun. The intensity of the hue with perfect polish symmetry is what makes the ring a delicious treat anyone would covet.

Estimated value: US$850,000-1.1 million

3/9 Vacheron Constantin - Kalla Lune

As the technology of timekeeping has never been so accessible, it's the craftsmanship of making a watch more than just a utilitarian object that keeps timepieces precious and exclusive. Kalla Lune from Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art Collection is one of the items on our list that embodies just that. The 18k white gold body is encrusted with baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds. The jewels weighing a total of 42.61 carats, this piece is a true marriage between Haute Horlogerie and high jewellery.

4/9 Jacob & Co - Astronomia Sky Tourbillon

“As a sailor heading toward the seas driven by the celestial vault, I found my star: the Astronomia Sky”, says Jacob Arabo, founder of the prestigious jewellery and horological house, Jacob & Co. Presenting vital information for seafarers, astronomers and ancient horologers, this unique watch was crafted from 18k rose gold and sapphires, including a yellow sapphire moon with 288 facets. In addition to time, The Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon has day and night indicators and constellation mapping with transluscent panoramic view of the sides. The tourbillon, the earth and the moon rotate as the day passes. There are only 18 in existence. 


5/9 Rare Sapphire And Diamond Ring

This huge royal blue stone is a must for our list. A platinum ring with an octagonal step-cut Burmese sapphire of 23.04 carats (no heating) is not something you see every day. Its colour vibrant and regal and its size impressive, the deep blue stone is accompanied with two baguette-cut diamonds making the overall design simple and tasteful.

Estimated value: US$700,000-1 million

6/9 RM 52-01 Tourbillon Skull

Released in 2013 as a limited edition of 30 pieces, the Richard Mille 52-01 Tourbillon Skull offers a uniquely charming playful, sporty vibe as far as luxury watches go. Beyond the dapper design are high-tech materials like the tetragonal zirconia polycrystal or TZP ceramic and carbon nanotubes for extra light weight and durability. The death’s head on the Tourbillon Skull has become something of a Richard Mille’s icon.    

7/9 Tourmaline And Diamond Earrings

This pair of tourmaline and diamond waterfall earrings caught our eyes with its enticing play of colours. The piece may not be the most valuable on the list—albeit considerably precious—but its beauty has us dreaming of its weight on our ears. The asymmetry of the pair is what gives it its charm. The vari-cut Paraiba tourmalines and fancy-cut diamonds are separately linked to make the piece flow and soft to the touch. 

Estimated value: US$100,000-150,000

8/9 Van Cleef & Arpels - Important Emerald And Diamond Brooch

Another piece that gleams with irresistible charm this auction is a Van Cleef & Arpels brooch with vibrant green stones. Weighing approximately 5.6, 5.3, 4.3 and 4 carats, each pear-shaped Colombian emerald is exquisite in both clarity and colour and adorned in the three-pendant brooch with marquise and circular-cut diamonds.

Estimated value: US$400,000-650,000

9/9 Jadeite And Diamond Necklace

As rare as the material, this fei-cui (jadeite) necklace’s design is equally uncommon. Valued beyond diamond, fei-cui is loved by the Chinese-speaking world because if its rarity, beauty and mystical powers. Thirteen oval-shaped jadeites are linked with yellow gold and diamonds in this 44.5cm-long neckpiece. 

Estimated value: US$150,000-230,000

For more information on the auction schedule and location or to join the online auction, visit

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