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Jewellery Chavana: Bangkok's Exquisite Art Deco Jewellery Brand

Chavana: Bangkok's Exquisite Art Deco Jewellery Brand

Chavana: Bangkok's Exquisite Art Deco Jewellery Brand
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 20, 2018
One of the most beautiful art deco jewellery brands to emerge in recent years hails from Bangkok


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At a time when Bangkok was entirely unrecognisable from the global city it is today, a small jewellery shop called Mian Teck was founded on tree-lined Baan Mor street. It was 1914 and the boutique was started by a Chinese family who had recently migrated to Thailand.

The talent of the owners, the warm atmosphere in the shop and the beauty of the pieces meant Mian Teck’s reputation soon spread—and Bangkok’s elite, as well as visitors to Thailand, insisted on making a detour to see the boutique’s unique jewellery. Over the years, as the company passed down through the generations, it became known for its expertise in creating exceptional art deco and Edwardian-inspired jewellery, an aesthetic that has become the company’s signature style. Its necklaces, earrings and brooches have been exhibited in prestigious auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s as far away as London and New York.

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When the fourth generation took the reins, they realised that Mian Teck had the potential to become a global brand, with a unique identity that could be marketed around the world. After creating custom-made pieces for international brands for decades, they decided it was time for the company to branch out on its own, and it was reborn under the name Chavana.

While it might have a glossy new identity—and glamorous store in Bangkok’s Central Embassy—the company continues to practise the jewellery-making techniques of the past. Their stones are recut and refacetted to fit the pattern of a setting, while every diamond hole is carefully hand-polished with thread.

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These old-fashioned techniques are illustrated in a range of exquisite collections. Ray of Light, Chavana’s first collection, is inspired by the sun and features rows of meticulously set diamonds that spiral out from the centre of rings and pendants, resulting in ripples of light that dart across the art deco settings.

In the Signature Collection, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are set in an Edwardian style that emphasises the vivid colours and ancient stone-cutting techniques that flatter every gem.

The Oeuf d’Enchantement Collection features egg-shaped earrings and pendants, all using intricate motifs of fleur-de-lis and lily of the valley blossoms, accented with dazzling diamonds. The Diamond Collection, meanwhile, fuses the glamour of the art deco style with refined craftsmanship and various cuttings that reflect and play with light.

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Chavana's Heritage Collection (Photo: Courtesy of

No matter which piece you choose, your jewellery box will benefit from a dollop of art deco glamour and Thai beauty. For more information, visit


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