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Fashion Burberry Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Go Fur-Free In 2018

Burberry Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Go Fur-Free In 2018

Burberry Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Go Fur-Free In 2018
By Mary Losmithgul
September 13, 2018
Burberry joins Gucci, Michael Kors,Tom Ford and more in saying no to fur

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Back in March, Ricardo Tisci was appointed chief creative officer at Burberry. This brought about a wave of major changes to the brand, including the new monogram print and logo design. While we thought those were revolutionary enough for the historic brand, it turns out Burberry had more in store for us this year.

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Burberry new monogram print on flagship store in Seoul, South Korea (Image: Courtesy of IG @burberry)

The British luxury fashion house announced its commitment to stop selling real fur, banning the use of raccoon, fox, mink and rabbit fur. Burberry also has plans to gradually phase out existing fur products in previous collections. The fur-free policy joins an initiative sparked by several luxury brands that have begun making a shift towards sustainability, including designer names such as Gucci and Michael Kors. The brand will also put an end to burning unsold goods as part of a five year initiative launched last year in an effort towards conscientious fashion.

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Burberry faux-fur single breasted jacket (Image: Courtesy of

The practice of burning or destroying unsaleable merchandise is actually very common in the fashion industry, especially amongst upscale brands, as they use it to prevent branded goods from going for sale at a discounted price. A big reason for this is due to the fact that lower prices make fashion products more easily accessible to the mass market, while many designer brands put a focus on exclusivity. Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti counters this ideology, as Burberry aims to bring about a new approach to luxury, following the belief that “modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible.”

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The first pieces by Riccardo Tisci (Image: Courtesy of IG @burberry

The fashion house has already begun to reuse, repair, recycle and even donate unsold products and has plans to continue expanding on this initiative. Fans of the brand can also prepare to see the beginning of Burberrys’ no fur movement in Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection, set for release later this September. Those looking to own Riccardo’s first designs for the brand can stay tuned on the official Burberry instagram account, as limited edition pieces from the collection are set to be sold online 30 minutes after the London Fashion Week Show.

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