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Fashion 5 Society Fashionistas Who Break The Dress Code

5 Society Fashionistas Who Break The Dress Code

5 Society Fashionistas Who Break The Dress Code
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
March 20, 2020
These Tatler women are fearless when it comes to fashion

Sixteenth-century Dutch philosopher Erasmus, American writer Mark Twain, England’s famous bard William Shakespeare—each credited with coining the phrase “the clothes maketh the man”… or something similar. What these august minds conceived early on is something scientists and sociologists are researching and quantifying in earnest today—that what one wears not only impacts how one is perceived by others, it also has an influence on one’s mood and behaviour. To test this theorem in a mildly empirical way, Thailand Tatler sat down with five society fashionistas known for their extravagant sartorial style to discover just how their choice of flamboyant frills and fastidious folds makes them feel.

1/5 Patcharapimol Youngprapakorn

The daughter of Uthai Youngprapakorn, founder of Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm, Patcharapimol is the owner of crocodile accessories business S’uvimol, which has become synonymous with Thailand’s premium leather goods. Very much another of society’s bold dressers, while her signature modified bob haircut and wide-brimmed hats—both evocative of 1950s American chic—may be a constant, her outfits encompass a large variety of different styles. “The one common denominator for me is that my look always has what I call a Broadway influence to it,” she smiles. “I’m also something of a perfectionist and I plan my outfits carefully, often in black, white and red because those are the colours I enjoy the most. So I suppose my look also hints at my fastidiousness,” she says. These days she can be seen sporting apparel from S’uvimol’s recently introduced clothing line or something created by Watanabe, which she complements with impeccable make-up that she does herself. Unlike our other fashionistas, Patcharapimol is not a shopaholic, mostly because the entrepreneur’s work keeps her so busy. “I shop when I can while I am travelling for work and I update my wardrobe during overseas vacations but to be honest I’m a bit of a spendthrift. I have always looked after my clothes and I’m still wearing items I bought 30 years ago.”

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2/5 Monlahcha Skulthai

Monlahcha, the franchise owner of Korea’s Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, is rarely seen without a Birkin bag. The long-time fashionista is known for her unique look and favours the likes of Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto, fashion-forward maisons whose collections boast uncommon shapes and forms that take a certain sartorial confidence to pull off. “Neat and dainty isn’t really me. I like a bit of eccentric chic, something that triggers confusion, something that’s a bit over the top. Perhaps it’s a sub-conscious thing and I dress this way because it helps me to feel young. Whatever the case, age is merely a number and my clothes give me joy,” she laughs. Much of her wardrobe comes from Comme des Garcon and she admits she can easily spend 100,000 baht (approx US$ 3,200) on a piece that catches her eye. Happiest when shopping overseas with her equally fashionable daughter Chutimon, Monlahcha is a VIP client of many illustrious couturiers, which is how she is able to obtain pieces that are not readily available in Thailand. “Your clothes should make you feel special and part of feeling special is wearing something unique, that very few other people have.”

3/5 Nanthavan Sangthamkitgul

Host of the popular morning talk show Krubkrib Krubkrib Gub Nare Naja, Nanthavan is always fun to be around. Her bold and singular sense of style is a reflection of her bubbly personality. Easily spotted in her trademark out-sized specs and signature haircut, she loves to wear vibrant colours in couture from Gucci, Chanel and Prada among others, mixing and matching items in ways most people wouldn’t. Leaving the house in a complete look is important to her and her accoutrements are never complete without a statement headband, chunky rings and earrings. The flashier the better. A self-confessed shopaholic who always gives in to her impulses, she says, “I rarely think twice. I see it, I like it, I buy it and often in all the available colours.” In fact, she finds so much happiness in the clothes shopping experience that she describes it as a form of catharsis, saying that even thinking about it effectively lowers her blood pressure. Now in her early 60s, Nanthavan still loves to flaunt her sexy legs so short dresses and skirts are a crucial part of her adventurous wardrobe. If there is one thing you will never see her in though, it’s sandals. “Uuuuugh!” she says with a shudder. “Never worn them and never will.”

4/5 Araya Kanchanapongkula

Very few women can boast a closet to rival Araya’s but then her passion for fashion began to take shape in her early 20s and she still owns most of the clothes purchased in her youth. Considered one of the country’s best-dressed ladies, her outfits always embody elegance and grace. While she runs the family owned chemical import and export business Araya never looks anything but chic at work or at play. However, despite her poised and refined demeanour she says fripperies such as lace and satin are not her cup of tea—“I prefer something more formal and substantial.” She is fond of Valentino because of the maison’s prominent use of the colour red, a reflection of her no-nonsense temperament, and while her family complains that her clothes take up too much room at home, Araya says she remains unable to resist a weekly shopping spree. The mother of three grown children and a grandmother of one, she belies her age with her sense of style and doesn’t give a hoot about what other people might think of what she wears. “I dress to please myself. Fine clothes give a woman confidence and make her feel good about herself, regardless of her age.”

5/5 Phannapast Taychamaythakool

It’s hard to miss Phannapast Taychamaythakool at a social gathering. One of Thailand’s rising illustrators and possessing an oriental eccentric streak to match, she has worked for leading brands such as Gucci (on its renowned Le Marché des Merveilles jewellery collection). Much like her intricate and enchanting fairytale-esque illustrations, her clothes are an amalgamation of vibrant colours, intriguing prints and eclectic cuts. “I choose the fabrics and designs for all my outfits,” she says. “It’s another outlet for my creativity and really reflects who I am. If I had to describe my style, I would call it maximal.” Preferring an oversized gown-like ensemble for daily wear, Phannapast plays with unusual colour combinations and animalistic illustrations and those around her find her flamboyant and unique look to be refreshing. Now working on apparel and home decor items with the Wonder Cape Town brand, she puts her personality in everything she wears and even her bags and shoes are tailor-made. “In part that’s because it is very hard for me to find shoes that fit,” she laughs. “The clothes you wear should be liberating, empowering even, which is why I also admire the work of vanguard designers such Alexandro Michele, the creative director at Gucci, and Daniel Roseberry of Maison Schiaparelli.”

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