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Fashion Ask The Expert: What Colours I Should Avoid For My Wedding Gown?

Ask The Expert: What Colours I Should Avoid For My Wedding Gown?

Ask The Expert: What Colours I Should Avoid For My Wedding Gown?
By Chloe Pek
November 26, 2018
The do's and don'ts of the day you say 'I do"


Designing and handcrafting bridal gowns since 2002, Amanda Lee of Amanda Lee Weddings believes that a wedding dress is a piece of art that tells your love story. Her gowns are whimsical but also timelessly elegant, and precisely fitted to enhance every bride’s natural beauty. We seek her expertise on finding the perfect gown:

What are the do’s and don’ts of choosing a wedding gown?
Always consider your venue, which will usually set the tone for the wedding—and hence the look of your gown. Do take your personal style into consideration, because your gown should be a reflection of who you are. Most importantly, seek professional advice. Don’t follow trends blindly, and don’t buy your dress from dubious sources just because the price seems attractive. Simply said, the “right” price may not get you the “right” dress.


There has been a rising trend of non-white wedding gowns. Are there any colours brides should avoid?
Colours really speak to every individual differently, so frankly, there’s no particular colour a bride should avoid. Rather, we will only advise her to steer away from hues that don't complement her skin tone.


Should brides follow the latest trends when choosing their gowns or stick to a classic design?
It’s great to be informed about trends, but always ask yourself if the design speaks to your character and personality. Timeless designs are great, but even so, we always modernise them at Amanda Lee Weddings so that our brides look classy and on trend. The last thing you want is to look like you've gone back in time!

You have years of experience—what style advice would you give to brides?
Throw away the stereotype of a “bridal look”, and embrace your personal style. If short hair is your trademark, keep it that way. If you feel most comfortable in sneakers, wear them. That said, don't compromise beauty too much for comfort—just make sure you look and feel extraordinary on your wedding day.

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