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Fashion Louis Vuitton Was The World's Most Popular Fashion Brand In 2020

Louis Vuitton Was The World's Most Popular Fashion Brand In 2020

Louis Vuitton Was The World's Most Popular Fashion Brand In 2020
By Tatler Thailand
January 11, 2021
According to Google search data, Louis Vuitton ranked number one in popularity in 2020

A study conducted by of data compiled from Google searches for 12 months revealed that the most sought-after fashion brand worldwide is none other than Louis Vuitton. Leading all the other super brands by far, Louis Vuitton is the most searched label in no less than 47 countries, which included France, the UK, Germany and Sweden. The two runners-up are Gucci and Chanel, appearing on top searches in 13 and 12 countries, respectively.  

In terms of the demographics, LV's popularity remains mostly in Europe, though Gucci, notably its mini-series with Gus Van Sant, is popular in  Japan, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia as well as Italy. Chanel's 12 countries, on the other hand, are heavily concentrated in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. Next down the ranking, Calvin Klein was searched most in 11 nations like Russia, Ukraine and Chile. The American brand Coach, which took sixth place was popular in countries like Brazil and Saudi Arabia. For American and Canadian shoppers, Loewe was the most wanted brand.

In case you're wondering, here's the list of the top 10 most searched fashion labels worldwide last year (numbers mark the number of countries in which brands were most popular):

1. Louis Vuitton: 47
2. Gucci: 13
3. Chanel: 12
4. Calvin Klein: 11
5. Rolex: 9
6. Coach: 4
7. Tony Burch: 3
8. Loewe: 2
9. Valentino: 2
10. Fendi: 2

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