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Beauty After 20 Years, Becca Cosmetics Is Closing

After 20 Years, Becca Cosmetics Is Closing

After 20 Years, Becca Cosmetics Is Closing
That glow though (Photo: Courtesy of Becca Cosmetics)
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
March 04, 2021
Everyone's going to miss their highlighters

Launched in 2001 in Perth and introduced to the Thai market only a couple of years ago through Sephora beauty retailer, the famous Becca Cosmetics is calling it quits after two decades, citing financial burden caused by the pandemic. The brand noted on Instagram that the struggles of the past year have "sadly been more than our business can withstand." Becca will officially be no more by September 2021, and this is our little obituary for the iconic beauty brand. 

In the wake of the beauty influencer boom over the last decade, Becca became a makeup bag staple and one of the top-of-mind brands when talking about facial highlighters. Particularly, the brand's collaboration with Jaclyn Hill in 2015 to create the Champagne Pop tint of shimmer made a significant ripple in the beauty industry. By 2016, Champagne Pop rang in US $3.5 million in online sales alone. 

Becca is also known for its support of mental health and inclusivity. The beauty brand partnered with The JED Foundation and Mental Health Mates in the past and is still working with The Trevor Project until its eventual close. Men and women and nonbinaries alike will miss Becca with the good glow. 

To stock up on Becca while you still can, head to

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