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Jewellery 6 Stunning Rings For 6 Different Types of Women

6 Stunning Rings For 6 Different Types of Women

6 Stunning Rings For 6 Different Types of Women
By Mary Losmithgul
January 31, 2018
A small piece of jewellery that says so much about its wearer

Index Finger Rings by Gems Pavilion


For: the sophisticated ladyboss

Index finger rings are a quickly growing trend for sophisticants with a modern mind. The key with index finger rings is to not be overly ornate. Opt for simple but bold design that tends to wrap around the band consistently rather than condense at a head, such as these Gems Pavilion rings. The collection includes a set of bands lined with emerald-cut diamonds, available in both silver and gold. Trendy and chic, they exude the confidence of the woman wearing them.

‘Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel’ by Jubilee Diamond

hello kitty ring crop.jpg

For: the young-at-heart

Who says glam and cute can't mix? Jubilee Diamond collaborates with Sanrio to prove how luxury can also be irresistibly adorable through this limited collection, featuring the beloved anime characters of our youth. Based in rose-gold and adorned with sparkling diamond grains, this endearing set tells the classic love story of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. (Aww!) The entire collection includes rings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings and brooches—in case you need a full set!

Autumn and Winter 2017 Collection by Mikimoto


 For: the most elegant one in the room

The woman wearing this exquisite Mikimoto design is without a doubt the most elegant one in the room. Combining regal white South Sea pearls, diamonds and other precious gems like sapphire into a stunning floral form, this 18k white gold ring is genteel as well as powerful and belongs to a lady who is as such.

‘Timeless Elegance’ by Pandora


For: ladies who love it simple

Minimal and at the same time not if you consider how much ice is on this piece of jewellery, Pandora’s Timeless Elegance collection of rings features a set of square halo rings in sterling silver, framed with clear stones. The highlight of the collection lies in the unmissably dazzling Danube-cut stones in each ring, coming in ruby red, green and sapphire blue. Exquisite and elegant, the rings have a subtle flair for drama, an excellent choice for women whose refined charms make them naturally stand out.

‘Festive Carats’ by Maison Artinian

Sartoro Valentine Zeste Model.jpg For: the true romantic

With February’s upcoming season of love, a Valentine’s inspired collection is a must in our list and Maison Artinian’s expressive Sartoro Valentine Zeste is the perfect symbol of romance. Stylish, feminine and refined, the ring blends the luxurious brilliance of rose gold and diamonds in an endearingly playful floral design. The perfect expression of shared happiness and bright, sunny days, this ring makes the perfect choice to dazzle your Valentine this year.



For: the artsy, chic chick

Audacious and yet refined, this series of hand accessories from Thai jewellery brand Patcharavipa is courageously stylish. With each piece made by hand, the rings unpredictably combine texture and materiality to create eye-catching works of wearable art. Patcharavipa’s rings are the go-to statement piece for the hip and bold—women who dare to be different, break symmetry and desire to express their appreciation for creativity proudly.

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