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Fashion4 Feminist Inspired Pre-Fall Collections

4 Feminist Inspired Pre-Fall Collections

4 Feminist Inspired Pre-Fall Collections
By Deirdre Heavey
June 12, 2018
Because Tatler women wear elegance to war


Women around the world are demanding their voices be heard, and designers are following suit. The past two years have given voice to the voiceless, inspiring women around the world to demand equality in the workforce. In reaction, four luxury fashion brands have created pre-fall collections for the 2018 revolutionised woman, each different in its purpose and execution but nevertheless encompassing the feminist spirit. Have a look at the what's in store for feminist fashion this season:

Miu Miu


The 2018 pre-fall Miu Miu girl is chic yet contumacious. This season, Miu Miu takes us back in time to the 1980s rebel girl but takes a modern turn for elegance. Frill and smocking collared shirts top off deep-toned skirts with rebellious slits and pleats. Be sure to finish off the look with one of the collection’s large black velvet bows, chic black bag or black calfskin mountain boots. 



This season’s Prada collection is here to ensure every bangin’ businesswoman is dressed on point for every day on the job. Pre-fall Prada contrasts historical and modern elements to create iconic and unusual combinations. As Prada is all for prints, prints and more prints, designs in this season range from bananas to flames, creating a sort of disruption to the traditional workforce attire. Elegant wearability shines through in the oversized jackets, while flap bags demonstrate a contemporary look through the overprinting technique. 



Dior invites fashionistas to say no to gender roles this season. Maria Grazia Chiuri drew inspiration for Dior’s pre-fall collection out of the work of Claude Cahun’s early questioning of the socially constructed idea of gender. The collection beautifully explores the crossover between masculine and feminine styles through formal, astere styles paired with pieces flattering to the female body. Dior’s play on androgyny here allows women to express their personalities beyond their feminine stereotype, which is perfect for any woman looking to define herself as equivalent to her male colleagues.

Rebecca Minkoff


Inspired by the feminist spirits of the 60s and 70s that have resurfaced today, Rebecca Minkoff designed her pre-fall collection to reflect a juxtaposition between girly and badass. She uses light fabrics and florals for spring then transitions into a darker color palette to showcase a girl who is always dressed for the moment. This collection is designed for the confident girl who tactfully stands as an individual while maintaining carefree charisma. 

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