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Watches5 Minutes With Eric Caudrelier Benac On Why Your Watches Deserve SwissKubiK

5 Minutes With Eric Caudrelier Benac On Why Your Watches Deserve SwissKubiK

5 Minutes With Eric Caudrelier Benac On Why Your Watches Deserve SwissKubiK
By Pichaya Petrachaianan
December 30, 2018
What's so special about the 10-centimetre cube watch winder?


Horlogerie enthusiasts will know the importance of a watch winder box. Clockwork consists of very intricate machinery crafted with utmost precision and excellence. Though modern technology has granted the art of watchmaking new calibre, the irresistible charms of the good old mechanical movement never seems to fade away from the hearts of collectors.

One of the most high-end and trustworthy producers of tech-savvy watch winders is SwissKubik. What is so special about this acclaimed Swiss-made 10-centimetre cube? Thailand Tatler arrives at TKI, the importer of prestigious brands like Patek Philippe and SwissKubiK, to discuss with Eric Caudrelier Benac, the managing partner of SwissKubik, the importance of investing in their winder box. 


Why are watch-winders so important for watch collectors to own?
There are many reasons. The first one, there is oil in the watch and if you don't move the watch the oil will dry inside and can destroy the movement. When you have very complicated watches like the perpetual calendar, if the watch stops moving, putting it back on time can be a nightmare. You would have to bring it to the watchmaker, and it will cost you a fortune just to put it on time.

Can you tell us more about the materials used to make SwissKubiK?
Because the design of our product is very simple, we can complement it with such a variety of materials, from titanium, which is not very precious, to high quality wood, carbon fibre, leather, crocodile skin, fur—anything. There is no limit, and we value personalisation greatly.

What are the differences in the the technology used in  SwissKubiK, as opposed to other brands
There are so many differences. The first one, which we are very proud of, is the quality of the engine we use inside. It is very expensive, and it gives out zero magnetism. It is the very same technology used for aircrafts. Many other brands use cheap engines that give out magnetism and will destroy the watch.

The second most important thing is the battery life. We guarantee three years of autonomy with the battery. This is not comparable by any other brand on the market. We also give three years of warranty on all products.You can also reprogram the SwissKubiK to match perfectly the needed rotation. We designed the products so that distributors can fix it before a cup of coffee is finished. Though today, we have less than one percent of after-service problems on the KubiK.


Swiss made, why is it so prestigious?
Switzerland is known as the leader in many industries like medical, banking and watches and jewellery. Step by step we’ve built that reputation. If you were to visit our factory, The Cube, our goal is not to become the leader in quantity. Today we produce 18,000 pieces a year. It is not a huge amount, and we will not go over 30,000. That is to preserve the quality.


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