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People Watch: WildAid And Kathaleeya McIntosh Urges All To Go Ivory Free

Watch: WildAid And Kathaleeya McIntosh Urges All To Go Ivory Free

Watch: WildAid And Kathaleeya McIntosh Urges All To Go Ivory Free
By Mika Apichatsakol
By Mika Apichatsakol
August 19, 2018
The message is clear: “When the buying stops, the killing can too.”

Kathaleeya McIntosh decribes the pain of elephants as victims of the ivory trade in an WildAid video

WildAid does it again. Last week, on Thailand’s Mother’s Day, the environmental organisation launched a video with a clear message delivered by Kathaleeya McIntosh. In the video, the the renowned actress and mother of three talks about the plight of elephants in regards to the ivory trade and if you watch it yourself, you’ll see why WildAid chose to release the video on Mother’s Day and with a model celebrity mum.

The bond between a baby elephant and its mum is said to be one of the closest of any animal species on earth. Mother elephants carry their calves for 22 months, or almost two years before giving birth. And that’s just the start of their tight-knit mother-child relationship. Female babies, in fact, tend to stay with their mothers into adulthood. Elephants also have incredible memory and never forget when members of their family are violently taken away from them.


Therefore, it’s unimaginable that up to 33,000 African elephants are slaughtered every year for ivory. The rate of poaching is outpacing the rate of elephant births in many countries, and all of it is driven by a distasteful human demand for ivory souvenirs.

“When the buying stops, the killing can too,” says Kathaleeya and WildAid. Like any “luxury”, ivory was made out of the public perception of value, and it can end in the same way. Don’t let your friends and family make the mistake of buying ivory.

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