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PeopleWhat To Expect At The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018

What To Expect At The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018

What To Expect At The Thailand Tatler Ball 2018
By Mary Losmithgul
September 25, 2018
With our 27th anniversary ball days away, here’s what to expect from the most highly-anticipated society party of the year


If you’re somebody in society, you’ll know Thailand Tatler's most happening event is just around the corner—our annual Tatler Ball. Well-attended yearly by the most fashionable and prominent names of society, this year's event is bound to be nothing short of spectacular. For those looking forward to the glitz and glam we have in store, here are a couple of interesting facts you should know about the Thailand Tatler Ball 2018.

The theme is Cuban inspired.


Still from "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" (Image: Courtesy of

Last year we had ‘Lustrous Pearl’, and the year before that it was ‘Silver Carnival’. This year, we’re taking the non-orthodox route towards luxury soirees with a theme that is both fun and fabulous—‘Havana Nights!’ Expect vibrant colours, borderline-impractically opulent accessories and of course, that undeniably classy, self-humoured approach to savoir faire that defines the Thailand Tatler brand.

Thrown off by how to dress for the theme? Don’t worry, we’ve got you ladies and gentlemen covered. Those looking for makeup inspiration, check here.

That extends to the entertainment, too.


Image: Courtesy of FB @havanasocialbkk

You can’t really throw a ‘Havana Nights’ party without recreating a real Havana night, which is why we’ve called on the support of experts over at Havana Social. A happening speakeasy at Nana, Havana Social is known for great parties, Afro-Cuban style bands and a vibe self-described as pre-revolution Cuba. The Thailand Tatler Havana Nights Ball 2018 will have live performances from a Cuban band, as well as a dance floor. Get your back-up dancing shoes ready!

… And the drinks.


Image: Courtesy of FB @havanasocialbkk

Yes, drinks served will be on-theme. Yes, there will be a lot of rum.

We’re celebrating 27 on the 27th.


This years’ Thailand Tatler Ball marks our 27th anniversary, and will fall on September 27th 2018. Whether that was lucky coincidence or witty planning on our part, we leave up to you. Either way, it can only mean good things.

The ball is back at the Grand Hyatt Erawan.

grand hyatt.jpg

Thailand Tatler 24th Anniversary, held at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

We had a blast at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel three years ago, and decided to revisit one of our favourite party places. Guests can rejoice—we’ll be right in the middle of the city center, but also highly accessible and well protected from the wrath of Bangkok traffic thanks to trusty Chidlom BTS station.

There will be awards for the best dressed.

best dressed.jpg

As well as the most eligible. Here’s a peek at last years’ awards.

There is an exclusive guest list.

exclusive guests.jpg

Out of which over 300 guests have already RSVP’ed. As with every year, our guest list is composed of the creme-de-la-creme of society. For a definitive reference, check our Thailand Tatler 500 list. This year, we’ve also sent out invites to some of our most prominent Generation T listers, so you can definitely expect a pretty impressive roomful of people.

We will be covering the event LIVE on our online platforms.


Just in case you can’t make it, don’t worry! You can still stay up to date with what’s happening across our online platforms. We will be covering the event LIVE on our Facebook and Instagram, and there will be a lot of post-event coverage on our official website to help make you feel like you were there.

(Flashback: The Best Tatlergrams Of Tatler Ball 2017)


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