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People Thailand's 10 Vivier Women Share The "Buckle" That Sealed Their Successes

Thailand's 10 Vivier Women Share The "Buckle" That Sealed Their Successes

Thailand's 10 Vivier Women Share The "Buckle" That Sealed Their Successes
By Thailand Tatler
May 22, 2019

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Roger Vivier
Like the buckle to Roger Vivier's brand, these are what successful modern women credit their legacy to

When the French legendary maison Roger Vivier secured the buckle as the symbol of its brand and accessories in the 60s, a legacy was born. Over half a century later, Roger Vivier's shoes still dress the feet of the most fascinating and accomplished women all around the world. From businesswomen to an avant-garde performance artist, 10 selected women who reflect the character of Roger Vivier, each from a different industry, share the "buckle" that sealed their successes.

1/10 Aliza Napartivaumnuay, Co-Founder of Socialgiver

The co-founder of Socialgiver—a social enterprise that both supports and is driven by conscious consumerism—Aliza Napartivaumnuay believes her buckle of success to be her integrity and instinctive sense of responsibility over her own actions and towards her community: “What you do reflects who you are. Essentially, you create who you are by the choices you make. If you have clear integrity, you say ‘this is what I’m going to do’ and you do it—that’s how you build trust with people. I think this energy is contagious and can have a positive ripple effect on people.”

Watch Aliza for Roger Vivier here.

2/10 Chanisara Wongdeeprasit, Co-Founder of Diamond Grains

Chanisara Wongdeeprasit is the charismatic founder of popular healthy food company Diamond Grains. When asked what has sealed her success since graduating from Chulalongkorn University and starting her company, the entrepreneur says, “my buckle is my tolerance towards problems. As a businesswoman, you have to be able to solve anything. That’s my key to success.” Able to recognise a gap in the market for delicious, locally produced granola, Chanisara has become a pioneer in her own right and something of an icon. 

Watch Chanisara for Roger Vivier here.

3/10 Jongjin Jungsura, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Matara Studio

“Start small and let it grow into something big,” says Jongjin Jungsura, the co-founder and marketing director of boutique jewellery atelier Matara Studio. Never been impatient to grow in size or by other superficial factors, Jongjin is a woman who believes in contentment from within. “The buckle to my success has been my methodology in living: to be happy with myself and the others around me.” 

Watch Jongjin for Roger Vivier here.

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4/10 Dr Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch, Founder of Ooca

When it comes to Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch, a doctor on the Thai Board of Dental Surgery who also founded an app, Ooca, that makes psychiatric care more accessible to the Thai population, intention is key. “Everything you do needs intention, and if your intention is clear, you can’t be derailed, no matter what happens.”

Watch Kanpassorn for Roger Vivier here.

5/10 Kawita Vatanajyankur, Performance Artist

With her unique persona and means of expression, Thai video and performance artist Kawita Vatanajyankur is a passionate advocate for human rights and social justice. A headliner for this year’s Venice Biennale, what has driven her success since the beginning is her belief in every individual’s power to spark positive change: “In every role you do, you have the power to change and speak out about what you believe in.”

Watch Kawita for Roger Vivier here.

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6/10 Pichaya Sunthornyannakit (Chef Pam), Top Chef

As one of Thailand’s most well-known contemporary female chefs, Pichaya Sunthornyannakit, or chef Pam, believes that her buckle takes the form of her fearlessness towards new ventures: “I seize all opportunities presented to me no matter how big or small. I especially never overlook the small opportunities life throws at me. They are equally important.”

Watch Pichaya for Roger Vivier here.

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7/10 Siengsaw Lertratanachai, National Athlete

An athlete of the Thailand Equestrian National Team, Siengsaw Lertratanachai knows that success comes from hard work and persistence towards a goal. This Vivier woman’s buckle is her ability to set goals and work diligently towards them. However, between ends and means, she’ll always choose means: “What matters more than reaching the goal you set is the journey towards that goal. Always give it 100 per cent. That’s my buckle of success.”

Watch Siengsaw for Roger Vivier here.

8/10 Shannon Kalayanamitr, Venture Partner at Gobi Partners

Shannon Kalayanamitr is an entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in international business who finds joy in “creating business, creating value for different things.” The founder of several enterprises, including a women’s e-commerce site, skincare company, this CEO and venture capitalist attributes her multiple successes to her innate ability to put pieces together and create something from nothing. "I find joy in creating business, in creating value for people that previously didn't exist."

Watch Shannon for Roger Vivier here.

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9/10 Sutida Mongkolsuthree, CEO of Synnex

A leader in a male-dominated field, Synnex CEO Sutida Monkolsuthree's success is so prevalent, chances are you own IT and communications devices distributed by her company. How did this #girlboss get to where she is today? “I am passionate about everything that I do," says Sutida, "and that is what had secured my success.” 

Watch Sutida for Roger Vivier here.

10/10 Tachamapan Chanchamrassang, Illustrator & Director of Happy Pomme Studio

A household name, Tachamapan Chanchamrassang, better known by her artist alias Pomme Chan, credits her shining success to her persistence: “I constantly create and try to avoid copying my old styles. If I have to draw roses of a hundred projects, they would all be new roses.” The evaluation of her success also comes exclusively from within. “Even if nobody but my team and myself notices what we’re doing, we would still be proud that we have accomplished what we set out to do.”

Watch Tachamapan for Roger Vivier here.

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