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People Throwback: The Best Tatlergrams Of Previous Tatler Balls

Throwback: The Best Tatlergrams Of Previous Tatler Balls

Throwback: The Best Tatlergrams Of Previous Tatler Balls
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
September 23, 2019
We look back at the extraordinary Tatler balls from previous years as told through the Insta-snaps of our guests

1/9 @thailandtatler

At the 2015 Tatler Ball, Prakarn Raiva (who is now happily married and a dad) won the title of Most Eligible Man. Just an observation: our Most Eligibles are seldom eligible by the time of the next Tatler Ball. 

2/9 @happypooklook

Do it for the 'Gram! Who doesn't love taking pictures of the delicious delicacies served at our sit-down dinner? This year, we will be adding a twist with some vegan treats that you will love. Stay tuned for the snaps!

3/9 @vatanika

Our editor-in-chief, Naphalai Areesorn, posed with our recent cover lady Vatanika back at the 2017 "Lustrous Pearl" Tatler Ball, both looking gorgeous in gold. We hope to see them recreate this photo this year. 

4/9 @mintnishnish

Nishsha Boonyagorn was a vision in white with this sleek gown at the "Lustrous Pearl" themed ball.

5/9 @mikafrommars

Our digital editor, Mika, channelled Audrey Hepburn at the 2017 ball with a vintage styled photograph.  

6/9 @fayonchuma

Remember Onchuma Durongdej's ethereal Tatler Ball look from Poem's AW 2017 collection? She was the winner of Best Dressed of the night that year. 

7/9 @peepy_and_mother_lee

Show-stoppers at any party, Peepy and Mother Lee upped the ante of their dual presence at the 2018 "Havana Nights" Tatler Ball with feathers and pineapple purses, snagging other best dressers into the shot for once epic photo you need at least a minute to fully take in. 

8/9 @kimbeave

Here's a throwback to when Kim Visudharomn felt like she needed to add more fiesta to her Havana outfit, borrowing one of our fruit basket centrepieces as a headdress. 

9/9 @plespencer

The Spencers' crew were definitely the "cool kids" of last year's Tatler Ball, as this photo proves. 

Every year, we love seeing our guests dress up but let their guards down and truly enjoy our wonderful Tatler Ball. We can't wait to see you all again to tomorrow, dressed and ready to rock at the 2019 "Bohemian Rhapsody: A Night of Glam Rock" Tatler Ball. Follow us on Instagram @thailandtatler and don't forget to hashtag all your photos #THTatlerBall2019. 

Just do it. Everyone will be.

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