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People Behind-The-Scenes: The Fabulous Five

Behind-The-Scenes: The Fabulous Five

Behind-The-Scenes: The Fabulous Five
By Prijayanat Kalampasut
July 02, 2018
The Thailand Tatler Generation T 2018 listers who grace our cover show their dynamic attitude to life in work, rest and play

A teaser to Generation T 2018

For this issue’s cover shoot our team gathered at the Banyan Tree Bangkok on Sathorn Road. In light of the launch of Thailand Tatler’s Generation T 2018 listings this month, our cover features five of society’s bright young individuals, all under 40, making an impact in their respective fields.

It’s early in the afternoon and Don Harinsut (co-founder of online payment platform Omise); Chawin Athakravisunthorn (managing director and co-founder of property developer One.Six Development); Rarin Thongma (founder of fashion company O&B); Jainnisa Kuvinichkul (executive director of aluminium manufacturer Alumet) and Piyarat Kaljaruek (vice president of film and television production company Kantana Group) have all taken time from their busy schedules to join us at the hotel’s luxurious presidential suite.


Jainnisa Kuvinichkul (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


The Insider: Due to her packed schedule, Jainnisa had to get a police car to lead her half way across town to make it on time for the group photo shoot


Rarin Thongma (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


Rarin breaks into a big smile for her close-up (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


Don Harinsut (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


The always glamourous Piyarat Kaljaruek (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


Getting the look perfect for the group shot (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


Chawin Athakravisunthorn (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)


No task is too difficult for these accomplished people, not even a group cover shoot (Photo: Mika Apichatsakol/Thailand Tatler)

It’s not easy to organise a photoshoot with five models—what with styling and make-up sessions, outfit changes, individual and group shots and quick interviews with each to squeeze in—but there were no complaints from our friendly cover stars, whose cheerful demeanour made the day a pleasant experience for all. The group shot for the cover, the last image of the day to be captured, was snapped at the hotel’s Vertigo Too bar. Rushing against time because not only was the bar about to open to the public but because we were also told that a special dinner for a wedding proposal was about to take place, we were able to wrap everything up smoothly. Dressed to impress, each of our 2018 Generation T listers looked dashing as they worked for the camera, making nailing each shot a simple process.


Find the special Generation T issue on newsstands this month for the full scoop, or stay tuned on for even more exclusive features on Generation T


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